Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Why the Tax bill will destroy Blue State Republicans AND the national Democrat Party

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The list of Republicans who voted NO on the Tax bill makes a very clear statement about the future of their party in the Blue States. They are a dozen or so poor souls clinging to the old politics way of doing things.

Knowing he had the votes to pass a tax bill that would destroy the states these people come from, Speaker Paul Ryan gave them permission to vote NO.

In old, pre-Trump politics this would have shielded them from effective attack and saved their jobs; but those days are over.

The bill contains the greatest attack by a majority party on the minority party in at least 80 years. It will end the SALT “State and Local Tax” deduction from federal income tax returns.

This will mean those who live in what the media and Democrats derisively call “Flyover Country” will no longer be forced to subsidize the Democrats purchase of votes using their tax money.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called the SALT elimination a “DISASTER” for his state. Do we need more to convince us SALT is a great start for dismantling the Democrat shake-down system of squeezing all Americans to pay for their vote buying schemes?

As time goes by – and make no mistake it won’t be a long time – middle class MAKERS will abandon the 10 or so states owned and controlled by Democrats because the “make up taxes” (see things like soda tax) will be just too much to carry.

When this happens more TAKERS will arrive as they will be squeezed out of the other 40 states by things like workfare, food stamp cuts and threats of deportation.

The unavoidable result of these factors will be that Democrats will be sealed into 10 states that look like Hawaii. They will no longer be able to offer a threat to Republican power on the national stage.

In 2018 the Democrats will take back most if not all of the few Republican seats in these states and “seem” to be gaining strength; but it will be an illusion. The 2020 census redistricting will draw away congressional districts lost by the hollowing out Blue States and give them to Red States. Lost seats will be made up enough to maintain a working majority for the Republicans.

Enforcement of voter identification laws will lead to discouraged and financially destroyed Democrats quitting politics.

Deportation and voter ID enforcement will make Blacks the Democrats’ only reliable minority group.

This will result in Democrats being forced to support things like Reparations and a separate Black nation to bow to the radical leftists in the Black Congressional Caucus. It will be calamitous for the Democrats.

As taxes rise in Blue States to provide Democrats with the money to buy votes, industries like Wall Street and Department store shopping that do not need a brick and mortar location will find it much cheaper to move to a Red State.

When they awake to these factors, Senate Republicans will pass the tax bill. They will come to realize that their hatred of Donald Trump pales before the opportunity for lifetime job security his tax plan presents to them.

Ed.  The "opportunity of lifetime job security?"  I am very hopeful that Coach Collins is right and that Republicans will consider the tax plan such an opportunity. However, I'm concerned that decades of cowardice and of self-imposed, 2nd class status have convinced Republicans that power and opportunity are given to them by Democrats and NOT by the American people! 

For a weakling will always believe that honors are bestowed rather than earned. 

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