Thursday, November 9, 2017

Why little Staten Island should scare the daylights out of national Democrats

By Kevin Collins

Yesterday Republicans lost everywhere they were supposed to lose and Democrats won every race they were supposed to win. Losing sucks and winning is fun.

The numbers prove that the TAKERS turned out to keep the gravy train rolling and continue to take from the MAKERS. It is not surprising that parasites will band together when threatened, especially since they were caught sleeping last year. Others will cover the Whys and Wherefores of this election cycle, that’s not my purpose here.

Recently our friends at Breitbart ran a piece telling us that Donald Trump is losing support. They know this because a pollster told them so. They don’t deal with the glaring problem of explaining how that can be in the absence of proof. We have yet to see a liberal safari into the actual heart of Trump territory and find a disaffected Trump supporter willing to badmouth the president. In fact, one searcher actually “went native.” He came back liking the conservatives who voted for Trump and he became a gun owning NRA member. 

This begs the question: If Breitbart’s pollster friend is correct and nameless, faceless Trump supporters have turned on him in large enough numbers for a headline, why can’t actual interviewers talking to actual people find any “former” Trump supporters?

My hometown, Staten Island New York, the only sane place in New York City, provides a LOUD and CLEAR answer.

In 2016 Trump won Staten Island with 57% of the vote. That was a surprisingly low number believe it or not. Nevertheless, keeping in mind that Staten Island is in NEW YORK CITY consider these numbers from yesterday’s NYC Mayoral election that included several Staten Island races.

Although she was a lukewarm Trump supporter who was forced to say nice things about him, the Citywide Republican Party candidate for mayor Nicole Malliotakis, won Staten Island by a strong 70/30 over a typical Democrat/Socialist/Communist Bill di Blasio. Di Blasio won the rest of the city 70/27 over her.

In a City Council race Joe Borelli who was one of Donald Trump’s campaign Chairmen for New York City and could not be more Trump through and through was re-elected by 80/20 over a typical Democrat who also ran on the Working Families line, which is a Communist front.

Other Republicans ran equally well by being unafraid to support Trump.

So why should local races in Staten Island scare national Democrats?

A careful look at the demographics of Staten Island shows they match the demographics of dozens of rural Congressional districts. This is especially true in Pennsylvania, Ohio, upstate New York, downstate Illinois and many other places in Fly-Over country. 

If Donald Trump has gained strength on Staten Island he has very likely gained strength in “mirror” districts.  

So let the Democrats dance around, drinking fire water and shooting into the air. The smart ones know they should be worried; they know that, just as they did last year, the pollsters are lying to them.

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