Friday, November 10, 2017

Roy Moore is being slimed by the Washington Post; Democrats are frightened and will say anything

By Kevin "Coach" Collins

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail but the allegation is that in 1979, Judge Moore had an encounter with a teenage girl when he was 32. There is no allegation of rape. There is no police report; just her word.  This woman has not said a word about this “encounter” in the past 38 years.  

She did not report it then and has waited 38 years to come forward now that Judge Moore is about to win a United States Senate seat from the State of Alabama.

Who could be behind this? Take your pick: Chuck Schumer, the crash dummy Judge Moore is running against; Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan; Gloria Allred are all suspects. This smells to high heaven. We cannot allow the Democrats or the Republican Establishment to get away with this.  

Please help Judge Moore turn back this fake attack on his character. Please ask all your contacts to do the same and ask them to spread the word.

Here’s the link to donate to Judge Moore’s campaign

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