Thursday, November 2, 2017


MSNBC “Terrorism Analyst” on NYC ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attack: “Not Islam Whatsoever” (Video)

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on October 31st

October 31, 2017 by Jim Hoft

This clown is the “terrorism analyst” on MSNBC.
Malcolm Nance
They may want to look around for a replacement.

After the deadly Islamist attack Tuesday by Muslim Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek national screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” Chris Matthews turned to MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance for his expert analysis.
Sayfullo Saipov
Nance told the far left audience:

“What you’re seeing is not Islam, whatsoever . . . None of that is Islamic. It’s anti-Islamic.”

Video HERE

Ed. And you know, Malcolm Nance MUST BE RIGHT,  for Kobiljon Matkarov--a friend of Sayfullo--has told the New York Post that the terrorist "is very good guy, he is very friendly… he is like little brother… he look at me like big brother." Matkarov also said "He (Saipov) no like that," when told that his 'little brother' had just murdered 8 people.

So like the famous man said, Who ya gonna believe, ME, or your Lyin' Eyes!

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