Friday, November 24, 2017

Idiot CNN reporter laments loss of “talent” which sexual predators brought to media industry

The following article appeared in the Daily Mail

CNN reporter Dylan Byers is slammed for bemoaning the ‘talent drain' that raft of sexual harassment claims have caused in the media industry

  • Byers was criticized for his 'disgusting' tweet about recent sexual harassment claims causing the media industry to lose talent 
  • Several people took to Twitter to criticize Byers who is a senior reporter at CNN
  • Following the backlash, Byers didn't apologize but he did delete his tweet  

By Valerie Edwards

CNN's Dylan Byers has come under fire for his 'disgusting' tweet bemoaning the 'talent drain' that he believes the recent allegations of sexual harassment has caused in the media industry. 
Dylan Byers
'Beyond the pain/humiliation women have endured (which is of course the paramount issue), it's worth taking stock of the incredible drain of talent from media/entertainment taking place right now,' Byers tweeted.  

'Never has so much talent left the industry all at once,' he added. 

But after tweeting that statement out, it appeared that he soon regretted it as several people took to Twitter to call him out.   

Not long after Byers logged his idiotic comment on Twitter, the site was FILLED with the words of irate people responding to his lunacy.

For example:

'As penance for this terrible take u should give your job to a woman who left journalism in her early 20s after being sexually harassed,' Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, the culture editor at Jezebel, tweeted in response. 

'Dylan do you need a woman to explain to you why this was a bad tweet,' New Yorker writer Helen Rosner tweeted. 

Another Twitter user went on to try and clarify what they believed Byers was trying to say. 

'What Dylan Byers meant to say is that it sucks that sexual predators are finally getting punished for their actions because he really enjoys binge-watching House of Cards and Charlie Rose reruns,' the user said. 

After hundreds of commenters lashed out at Byers, he later deleted his tweet. 

'As penance for this terrible take u should give your job to a woman who left journalism in her early 20s after being sexually harassed,' Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, the culture editor at Jezebel, tweeted in response.

But deleting his Tweet didn’t help Byers.

'I've deleted my previous tweet (wrote Byers). It was poorly worded and didn't properly convey my intended observation,' Byers wrote without apologizing for the damaging comment. 

But that tweet was also met with criticism by several people who felt they understood exactly what Byers meant, while some even asked him to clarify. 

'I’m really curious to see how you reword this... The question should be about the lost talent of women who walked away from careers in media/entertainment or were shunned by their peers because of their abuser’s power over them in one way or another,' one Twitter user replied. 

One user said: 'You know what's a lesson we've learned in the past few weeks? apologies without the word "sorry" aren't apologies.'

'It was disgusting but extremely clear. You are only deleting because you got backlash,' another user said. 

Byers seemed to be referring to the recent ousting of CBS's Charlie Rose and the dismissal of NBC News and MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin. 

Rose was fired by CBS News after three more employees came forward on Tuesday to accuse him of improper sexual behavior, bringing the total number of women with allegations against the veteran broadcast journalist to 16.

(Remainder of Daily Mail article including original Byers Tweets available HERE)

Ed.  “Talent drain!”  What sort of silly, self-righteous fool would make a statement so thoroughly idiotic? Never mind the complete tone-deafness required! The more we see of the left--at long last fully exposed thanks to their contempt for the little people--the more astounded we are that their arrogance didn't kill them off ages ago.

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