Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Doug Jones will not be the next Senator from Alabama

 By Kevin "Coach" Collins

There are many reasons to say this, both based on campaign fundamentals and dynamic scoring of outside factors.

The people of Alabama were not fooled by the Mitch McConnell/Chuck Schumer/ media conspirators. The transparency of the flimsy accusations has galvanized the overwhelmingly Republican state voters to put their hand up and say “Enough!”
On the issues that appeal to Alabamians all run in Judge Roy Moore’s favor and against Doug Jones.

Jones is pro-abortion up to the last minute of gestation. This position is repulsive to people whose state is the 3rd most pro-life/anti-abortion state in the country. Moore is the Right To Life endorsed candidate.

Jones is against building the wall. The wall is part of the Donald Trump package which people from Alabama bought, giving him a 28 point win.

In a strong 2nd Amendment state like Alabama where Moore has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America and Jones has been critical of the 2nd Amendment, Moore gets a big edge.

In family friendly Alabama, Doug Jones being endorsed by a Gay and Transgender activist group is a gift to Moore he could not buy for any amount of money.

Speaking of money believe it or not there is a limit to the benefit of money in politics. Alabama is a small market and cheap to advertise in. Moore has all the money he needs but George Soros could give Jones $1 BILLION DOLLARS and he’d have no way to effectively spend it.

This race provides enough dynamic scoring data to fill a text book. Consider these points:

A sizable portion of the people who vote for Roy Moore will gladly do so to embarrass Mitch McConnell.

The left is imploding and yes, Dear East Coast liberals, even in Alabama the left is falling apart.

The McConnell conspirators don’t know how to win in tough races. Making these attacks six weeks out gave Moore the time he needed to weather them and obliterate one.
Doug Jones
The Nelson woman’s lie supported by Gloria Allred’s lies stopped the momentum cold regardless of what “polls” say. Allowing Allred anywhere near this attack on Moore was a huge mistake.

The rapidly growing REAL allegations against big mouthed Democrats like Al Franken and the rest have just about precluded any chance of a Moore defeat.

Jones is attempting to use the “blank canvas” style campaign that elected Obama, but it will not work in Alabama.

People in Alabama know Jones is an empty suit who stands for everything they rejected last year.

Because THEY have made this an important race, Jones cannot now avoid questions from Washington media fools who think they will be helping him by getting Jones “on the record” as pro-abortion, pro-taxes, pro-illegal aliens and anti-Wall. These imbeciles think that since THEY feel this way about the issues, Alabama voters will too.

Next Monday when voters get back to thinking about issues and stop by Jones’ website they will be wondering what he stands for. His website is a study in moving his lips and saying nothing.

By contrast Roy Moore tells visitors to his website just where he stands on issues people care about: anti-abortion; anti-gay marriage; anti high taxes; and anti-Obamacare; pro-Made in America and Pro-Build the wall.

Republicans hold 6 of the 7 Alabama House seats. The state’s senate is run 25/7 by Republicans and the Assembly is run 72/33 by Republicans; plus the governor is a Republican who has announce she is voting for Moore.

The very successful Alabama Republican structure has not turned its back on Moore. They run the state and their GOTV attack on Jones on Election Day will be a huge advantage for Moore.

Moore wins by a landslide as he always was on track to.

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