Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Democrats want Bernie to run in 2020!!

The following article appeared in The Hill on November 24th

How Dem insiders rank the 2020 contenders

Democrats predict that as many as 30 candidates will compete in their party’s presidential primary in 2020.  

And while it’s still too early to say who might come out on top, buzz is building around some potential candidates, even as other hopefuls fade to the background. 
And Bernie MEANS IT too!
A year after a devastating 2016 defeat, Democrats are craving new faces with fresh ideas. Yet many of their leading contenders for the White House in 2020 are politicians who have been around for decades. 

There’s also no clear standout in the potential field.

“You have a bunch of Celine Dions but there’s no Beatles,” said Phil Singer, a Democratic strategist who served as press secretary on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run.  

The fortunes of potential candidates can change quickly. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), for example, was regarded just a few weeks ago as a potential dark horse candidate in 2020, but that changed instantly when sexual misconduct charges surfaced against him.

The Hill interviewed nearly a dozen prominent Democrats to find out who has captured the party’s attention in recent months and who has fallen out of favor. 

Here’s how they see the field stacking up right now.

1. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Advisers to the senator are telegraphing that Sanders is eyeing a 2020 run — and his network is already ready to go, with supporters convinced that he was the candidate who would have beaten President Trump in 2016. 

“His people have never gone away,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “And he has a loyal core following out there that will be with him come hell or high water.” 
Also working in Sanders’s favor, Bannon said, is the leftward shift of the Democratic Party.

“The Sanders wing is becoming the dominant wing of the party,” he said. 

Still, strategists note that Sanders would be 79 in 2020, which could work against him at a time when Democrats are hungry for change.

(Remainder of the article linked HERE)

Ed.  Bernie Sanders is the Number 1 name on the Democrat list. According to the article, the next 4 in order are:

Joe Biden
Elizabeth Warren
Kamala Harris
Sherrod Brown

Ed.  Bernie Sanders to be the Democrat Party standard bearer in 2020, followed by the 4 names above? Sanders will enjoy the same rabid following he acquired in 2016. But support by the Communist Party USA will hardly be enough to propel him into the White House.

Add Biden, Fauxcahontas and 2 radical, leftist Blacks; Harris from California and Brown from Ohio. I don’t believe ANY of these people can be elected in 2020. At least, not if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

BUT what if President Trump should die? What if he should decide to not seek a 2nd term? The Republican Party would select a prototypical sell-out as its nominee; an acceptable Party favorite; a pliable, controllable wuss. Voters who came out in droves to vote for Donald Trump would stay HOME in droves in 2020! The Democrat Marxist--whomever it may be-- would win! And make no mistake, that would be perfectly acceptable to Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and countless other GOP politicos. Both House AND Senate would feature a Democrat majority. And that too would be just fine with members of the current majority.

Those who don't understand the importance of Donald Trump to the nation and the American people, please re-read the preceding paragraph. 

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