Friday, November 10, 2017

BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Bill To Ban “Assault Weapons”

Ed.  Sounds about right, doesn't it. According to the FBI, those evil machines, plus all other rifles, were responsible for 248 homicides in 2014. It's time we took a serious look at saving those lives...or at least the few dozen bumped off by specifically by AR 15's. 

It's my understanding that Democrats will soon take up the problem of the 435 Americans who were violently slain with "blunt objects." (Clubs, hammers and the like.)  Given the markedly higher number of victims, we at the Coach's Team are hoping these deadly devices are NOT grandfathered in as "assault rifles" will undoubtedly be. 

(Ball peen hammer and lug wrench turn in stations will be set up at all Lowes stores and service stations.)

Assault weapons ban bill:

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