Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bernie Sanders Lived Off Unemployment, Couldn't Get a Non-Government Job

The following article appeared in Frontpage Magazine on February 15th, 2015

Bernie Sanders can only exist when being paid by taxpayers.

The Politico piece on Bernie Sanders is built around his weird personal life and who the mother of his kids is, but that's of less interest and less surprise when dealing with leftists back then. Equally unsurprising and telling, Bernie Sanders was unemployable outside politics and seems to have financed everything with dubiously obtained unemployment checks.

We're told that "He read Marx, Lenin and Trotsky." Like them, he wasn't big on working. Marx lived off Engels. Sanders lived off Uncle Sam.

"That summer, not quite 23, he and his wife, Deborah Sanders, bought for $2,500 some property in Vermont, near Montpelier in the town of Middlesex off Shady Rill Road, according to property records."

Where did the money come from?

"He explained the origin of the money Sanders used to buy the Middlesex land and the carpentry he did on the sugar shack. He said Sanders received unemployment, “for a few months,” in 1971, though Sanders can’t remember what the job was that qualified him for the benefits." 
But living off unemployment was the Sanders way.

“The electricity was turned off a lot,” Barnett said. “I remember him running an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn’t pay his bills.”

He worked some as a carpenter, although “he was a shitty carpenter,” Bloch told me. “His carpentry,” Morrisseau said, “was not going to support him, and didn’t.”...

“He was always poor,” Sandy Baird, another old friend, told me in Burlington.

“Virtually unemployed,” said Nelson, the political science professor at the University of Vermont.

“Just one step above hand to mouth,” said Terry Bouricius, who was involved with Liberty Union, served at times as a de facto campaign manager for Sanders and at one point crashed for a couple months on his couch.

Liberty Union “people found it difficult to support themselves while engaging in full-time political work,” Michael Parenti, one of those people, wrote in the Massachusetts Review in the summer of 1975. “Some held jobs that allowed free time for campaign activities, while others lived off unemployment insurance.”

Sanders, according to an article in 1974 in the Bennington Banner, was one of them. He was on unemployment for a few months in 1971. In subsequent Liberty Union campaigns he advocated for “the doing away with all time limitations for unemployment benefits.”
I bet.

All this stuff is tediously predictable. The hardest core leftists tend to be unemployable. Or as their comrades in the USSR would have called them, parasites.

Bernie Sanders was a terrible carpenter, but he could really go all out when it came to unemployment. When he had actually had to find work, that consisted of driving around showing a filmstrip about leftist Eugene Debs. He spent most of his life in government because there's nothing else he can do.

And, as the article shows, he's been shouting the exact same things since at least the 70s. His radio address in 1973 is the same exact speech as the one he's giving now about, about two Americas and corporations controlling everything. He has no new ideas or any ideas period.

The article even tells us that he saw himself as a 30s old leftist making him ideologically older than his years.

Bernie Sanders can only exist when being paid by taxpayers.

Ed.  On "Black Friday," The Hill published an article entitled "Democrats Want Bernie to Run in 2020!" The Black Friday part is apropos! I can't imagine a blacker day for the United States should Sanders somehow win the election. It's very doubtful that he'll be able to do so, given a Trump candidacy. 

But imagine, the leader of the free world unable to hold a job in the private sector!

Wait! The LAST president... 

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