Thursday, November 30, 2017

Academic Insanity Syndrome

Indoctrination of today’s Students by the Far Left

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer
I do cry for you, Champaign-Urbana. The truth is I have left you. Now through all of my quiet days. Your old promise of giving students an education. Was it all just an illusion?  Forgive me for my sarcasm in taking liberty with Evita's famous lyrics, but Wright Street is fast becoming Wrong Street when we realize academia is indoctrinating rather than educating America’s young people.

Here is what a University of Illinois “academic” just published: "On many levels mathematics operates as Whiteness."  In a newly published math education book, School of Education Professor Rochelle Gutierrez states that teachers “must be aware of identity politics surrounding the subject of math.” Apparently, some old white dude named Pythagoras is giving Gutierrez a hissy fit because she believes that, “Greek terms give Caucasians unearned credit for the subject of math." 
Rochelle Gutierrez

Hang on. It gets worse. "Things cannot be known objectively; they must be known subjectively," claims Gutierrez. And then there is the gem that: "Math perpetuates racism and WHITE PRIVILEGE."  (

Now back to that old white dude named Pythagoras.  Way back in C.570-494 B.C. he formulated the Pythagorean Theorem. "This constitutes a very rational mathematical approach to reason."

Pythagoras said that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.  And yes, Pythagoras is right every time, race and White Privilege be damned!

It has been a slow week down here in Florida and this old teacher has been spending way too much time fussing over what the Chicago south crazies are now teaching in classrooms I once attended.  A soft subject instructor, Tariq Khan was arrested for assaulting 2 conservative students at a protest meeting right in front of our "Mother," -the iconic, recently renovated statue on campus. It seems Mr. Khan threw someone's expensive phone to the ground because the young man dared disagree with him. Leftists are SO open minded.

A female U. of Illinois agitator allegedly strode into a Campus Republican meeting causing disruption because she opposed their discussion of Chief Illiniwek. BTW, getting rid of the only respectful icon of Illinois' now extinct indigenous (thank you) American Indian tribe is really a big sore point with me.
Pythagoras, an Old White Dude

For the record, I just dropped out of a course (my first time for dropping a course) at the University of Central Florida, senior learner’s curriculum. Wait. Their disclaimer disclaims any connection to UCF! 

A former local print outlet reporter led a long bashing of President Trump during what was supposed to be class time.  And a biology discussion group looked at me as though I had three heads when I asked: "Is there anything the Republicans can do that you would like?" Yes, "resign," one other senior student said. The discussion had quickly gone off the rails as the "teacher” started bashing the new GOP tax reform legislation. Incidentally, the course was named Biology Updates or something like that. I respectfully declined to jump in when she began discussing her nostrils, now in siege from a long infection that was not responding to an antibiotics regimen.  I could have, but did not attempt to explain that most sinus infections are due to fungal invasions and therefore immune to an antibiotic regimen.  Me, personally, Professor. . .I just rinse out that area with a salt bath. Wait, stop this madness.

Academia sucks, Dudes.  While waiting for Professor Gutierrez to manufacture a sexual harassment charge for insertion into her next math-ed tome, let's just call the liberal bad-rapping of white males and mathematicians what it really is!  Academia is just another agenda-driven organization working to dumb-down America, discredit our European heritage and promote someone else's culture—likely one which has contributed absolutely NOTHING in the long march of time. 
Tariq Kahn, UCF "instructor"
Why are Leftist loons allowed to turn current day American academia into just another Democrat indoctrination exercise; you know, for Democrat votes on election day? Long suffering American parents allow these learner loons to take taxpayer dollars and churn out robots who can spout identity politics but neither read nor comprehend the written word. When today’s students can’t write a cogent letter in proper format to apply for (gasp) a job, or even add two plus two, it’s time to realize we are not getting our money's worth from America’s schools. Parents and students who run up huge debts for this nonsense need a remedial course in common sense. 

So here's a heads up:  as long as some teacher can get away with running the classroom clock by promoting Left Wing politics rather than actual course content, the obscene cost shifting of our taxpayer dollars will continue to fly into their salaries, into academia's maw of foolishness and into our country's dumbness.  Being taught that logic and reason promote ethnic bias is pathetic, indeed.

America's academia has become a big nothing burger.

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