Friday, October 13, 2017

Well, Well, Well, Anti -Trump Dem Al Green Was Accused of Sexual Assault

Hat Tip: Kevin Collins

The following piece appeared on on October 12th

By Amy Moreno

The man who wants to impeach President Trump has a sorted past that was just exposed.

Al Green, the congressman out of Texas was once accused of sexual assault by a former employee.
The case is from 9 years ago.

Houston Congressman Al Green, U.S. Representative from Texas’ 9th congressional district is being accused of sexually assaulting a former employee.

Green’s former district director, Lucinda Daniels, claims she was assaulted at her home in May 2007.

“He sexually assaulted her, she did not give consent,” said Daniels’ attorney, Chip Lewis. “He tried to pursue a romantic relationship after that, she spurned his advances.”

That’s when Daniels claims the Congressman made things hostile at work. After her resignation Daniels says Green then smeared her character to possible future employers. Daniels, according to Green’s attorney, allegedly demanded $1.8 million from the Congressman.

Ed.  Tit for Tat?  Young Georgie Bush took years of abuse from the far left yet said not one word in his defense. You'll recall, his "noble silence" led to Barack Hussein, a Democrat takeover in Congress and ultimately, ObamaCare!

Mr. Trump, it seems, has no intention of being pummeled by the liberal media or the newsy's assistants in Congress, without hitting back. Of course, the president's fingerprints are not on this story. But someone brought it to bear upon this particular enemy. And it will not be the last in an ongoing series of counter punches.

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