Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Pessimist…..

Hat Tip: Robert M

A duck hunter was looking for a good hunting dog. One day he saw an old Indian shaman with a dog and he approached him and asked: “Is your dog a good duck hunting dog?”

The old Indian replied: “Yes, he is.”

The hunter said: “I want to buy him, how much?”

The old Indian said: He is not for sale.”

The hunter said: “$10,000”

The old Indian said: “Sold”

The following day the hunter took the dog to a lake and set up his blind to hunt ducks. A few minutes later, here comes a few ducks flying over the lake. “BANG, BANG, BANG” down falls the ducks in the lake. The hunter says: “Go get em boy”. The dog jumps up, springs out over the water, but instead of breaking water, the dog lands on the water and runs across the top of the water, picks up the ducks, runs back across the water and drops the ducks at the feet of the hunter without even getting his paws wet. 

Well to say the least, the hunter was awe-bound. He said to himself: “Hell, I have a dog who can walk on water.” The same thing happened for the rest of the morning each time the hunter shot a duck, and he sent his dog to fetch the duck from the lake.

Well, the hunter packed up his catch and headed off home. He could not wait to tell his best friend that he had a dog who “Could walk on water” but he knew his friend was a pessimist and would not believe him. So, he figured the best way to tell his friend was to bring his friend duck hunting with him the following day.

Early the next morning, he packed up his dog and his friend and went back to the lake. It wasn’t too long before a few ducks came into range. “BANG, BANG, BANG”. The hunter looked at his friend with a smile, then his dog and said: “Go get em boy”

Well, the dog jumped and again ran across the water picked up the duck, ran back and dropped the duck at their feet. The hunter looked at his friend for reaction or comment and there was none.
This went on all morning and each time no reaction or comment from his friend.

The hunter then rounded up his catch, his dog, and his friend, got in the car and began the trip home without a comment being made from his friend.

The hunter was bursting inside, couldn’t take it any more, and came forth with the question to his friend: “Didn’t you notice something special about my dog???”

The friend replied: “Yea, your damn dog can’t swim”

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