Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Was Harvey Weaponized?

Was Harvey Weaponized?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Was Hurricane Harvey, the Mother of All Hurricanes, weaponized by man-made, rapid evaporation techniques of global weather manipulators to decimate the densely populated Houston region of Texas? Mike Adams, Health Ranger, is asking that very question and is directing his viewers to satellite imagery of Harvey, a hurricane which refueled three times and stayed in a holding pattern over the Houston-Rockport area instead of moving inland to disperse naturally. As seen from outer space, the deep black center reveals an ominous circulating and rotating in place.  On Saturday and Sunday (8-26, 8-27, 2017), this long lasting weather event increased both in movement and intensity.  "My viewers know the difference between man-made evaporation and natural evaporation," Adams says. "Harvey refueled three times-the most ever-dumping 50 inches of rain over a protracted time period."

Adams points viewers to the 5:40 mark on a video which first appeared at to show the "artificial cloud creation happening." He said: "This video clearly depicts something…increasing (at) tremendous volume of vapor/clouds…as Harvey gains strength. Without this augmentation, Harvey would have fallen apart on its own!"

Adams continued: "It was the augmentation that increased the strength of the hurricane and turned it into a weapon." Yet those demanding more information about the highly unusual tracking behavior of Harvey as it headed inland are hitting the proverbial brick wall of gag orders placed on weather personnel.

"A federal gag order is on federal weather employees," says Dane Wigington of, a website which delves into modeling forecasts known far in advance of weather events.   "Forecasters knew in advance where Sandy was going." The website founder posits the theory that Harvey was "guided on shore by powerful frequency transmissions." As a result, Harvey was not able to advance further North where it would have dissipated naturally. Wigington offers two methods by which such hurricane manipulation could have taken place.  First, by use of massive aerosol disbursement and second, by means of radio frequency transmission broadcasting into the atmosphere's cloud cover, creating an immense canopy as Harvey made landfall.  Wigington claims: "THE NOAA MAP IS SHOCKING!"   He explains that geoengineering of our climate can take place in two ways: Solar Radiation Management (SRM) that controls sunlight before it reaches the planet and by Carbon Dioxide Removal. His website focuses mainly on SRM which uses stratospheric sulfate aerosols to create global dimming.

"The same pattern is over Florida," the geoengineering watchdog says.  He warns that this week, from September 4 to September 10, a period of extreme weather forecasts will begin. He does use the term geoengineering frequently. Wigington believes there exists a frightening paradigm of globalist modeling to manipulate populations in especially the USA, China and the polar regions in focus zones of geopolitical climate engineering. Such is the larger theme of Wigington's presentation. He saw "wave after wave" of Harvey's visuals from satellite imagery that caused him to wonder why Harvey became so devastating without long term, weather modeling forecasts which help to prepare populations in the path of potential devastation.  Indeed, the conflicting advice given by Houston's mayor to stay put was in opposition to the governor's advice that told residents to flee.

But Health Ranger Adams and recent White House communication both urge restraint. "Observation of a catastrophe is not proof it was engineered," cautions Adams who is planning more scrutiny of Harvey.  A White House E-mail directs viewers to the FEMA Twitter and Facebook pages to dispel rumors. However, ‘Rumor Central’ merely provides instructions about filing for disaster relief, avoiding the many scams such as the cancellation of flood insurance calls residents are receiving and clean up details.

A poster on Free Republic recently commented: "I think we reached a point years ago where people lost faith in the government completely. Once you don't trust your own government, you believe it capable of everything and anything. The initial distrust was brought in by the Left who hijacked every little conflict to demoralize people against the government and each other. . ."  

Just where the real answer lies about how Harvey turned into the Mother of All hurricanes may never be told.

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