Sunday, September 10, 2017

United Nations globalists keep selling out the U.S.

United Nations globalists keep selling out the U.S.

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Is the chaos generated by Hurricane Harvey being used by NWO (New World Order) globalists to further implement their odious Agenda 21 which has currently been morphed into the dangerous Agenda 2030?  Two websites up with analysis and videos point to Texas’ opposition to the United Nation's Agenda 21. It’s the state's fiercely independent history that places it directly in the crosshairs of these Marxist, one-world dreamers. "There is much more going on than meets the eye," says the Lucid Dreamer.  "Texas resists the UN attempt to reduce its sovereignty." For example: Texas pushes to close its borders to human trafficking and drug cartel incursions; the new TX gold vault competes with the NY controlled Federal Reserve; the state's huge oil industry is still a target which globalists hope to control. "Harvey threatens America's oil industry," says this video which is posted on a website that may have received information from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency known as SVR.  While the American media have provided a thick cover for the UN Agenda 2030 initiative, a number of international outlets are providing us with the insight we need to understand what is going on.

A creepy, New World Order speech recently delivered by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier states: "The UN would remain the central forum…as the future world based on these goals of sustainable development."  Contrast this with attempts in the TX legislature to pass sweeping legislation that prevents accepting or receiving money or grants from any "non-governmental organization accredited by the UN to implement a policy that originated in the Agenda 21 plan." In short,  UN and Agenda 21-now expanded to Agenda 2030-Don't Mess With Texas!"  The legislation as written did not pass as its language also prohibited charitable funding of worthy US and TX causes.  But the tone set the world on notice that TX is and will remain independent of the geopolitical engineers who seek to take our nation and our states under their one world government.  The German globalist praised adoption of Agenda 2030 and he wants its 17 goals to be reached by the year 2030--because "sustainable development and control of climate change" are goals for the future world, a world controlled by the UN and its one world pocketbook, of course.

And here are some of these key goals: end world poverty and hunger; ensure quality education; gender equality and empowerment for women and girls all over the world.  One particular goal applies specifically to TX: "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all."  Reading the entire list of their declarations, one quickly realizes our country will no longer be recognizable to us if these globalists have their way. Standing in their direct path is our second largest state: Texas! Of course, California caved and is in the hands of Leftists happy with ceding our rights to a one world order of rules and regulations.

Interesting are facts from Wikipedia that show the USA is #1 in funding NATO, with a whopping $611.2 Billion outlay of total GDP (3.3%) going to defense of the NATO countries.  But Germany, the "largest national economy in Europe and the 4th largest GDP in the world" is #9 on NATO's list of supporters, giving a mere 1.2% of its GDP or a measly $41.1 Billion. China and Russia are the #2 and #3 economies.  Germany "recorded the highest trade surplus in the world, worth $310 billion, making it the biggest capital exporter globally!" Guess who would control the Agenda 2030 purse strings for the world government, if Germany gets its way!  Certainly not the USA, nor the State of Texas with its huge oil economy.

Whether or not you go along with conspiracy theories floating around the internet that Harvey was geo-engineered to target TX; to bring the state to its knees and be President Trump's Katrina, you have to admit that the old familiar saying, "Thank God for Texas" is gaining more meaning every day.  That huge state with its big heart of loyal, America loving patriots gives us a real example of MAGA.  Leading the way, Texas shows more courage and determination so that no matter what the globalists throw at us, we will resist.

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  1. I hate to tell you, but Russia and China are not funding NATO.

    1. You are quite right. I meant to suggest the economies of the two nations but did so in a confusing way. I have since made it clearer. Thank you for reading The Coach's Team.

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