Friday, August 11, 2017

What Britain has done to Herself


What Britain has done to Herself and the rest of Europe as well.

Florida alone has 100+ new Mosques since 2008. What has your area done like Minnesota and Michigan??? So now you may, just may be getting an idea what the Soros/Obama team's goal has been. Looks like a modern day Roman Coliseum to me but the lions have rags on their heads. Make you feel warm and fuzzy about your philosophy?   

This is what Britain has done to Herself under the quota system compelled by the European Union. British officials/citizens allowed this to happen under the guise of political correctness. 

This has been accomplished by just 4 million Muslims overwhelming a population of 66 million Brits.

This is the manner in which Muslims conquer infidels. They invade and conquer by population.

The people finally realized what was happening to their beloved country and voted to leave the EU. But it may too late for Britain.

How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:

Mayor of London... MUSLIM

Mayor of Birmingham... MUSLIM

Mayor of Leeds... MUSLIM

Mayor of Blackburn... MUSLIM

Mayor of Sheffield... MUSLIM

Mayor of Oxford... MUSLIM

Mayor of Luton... MUSLIM

Mayor of Oldham... MUSLIM

Mayor of Rochdale... MUSLIM

Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques

Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts

Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils

Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK that even police won’t enter

Roving Muslim patrols that enforce dress codes and Sharia law

Muslim Women ... 78% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing

Muslim Men ... 63% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing

Muslim Families ... 6-8 children each planning to go on FREE benefits/housing ... and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!

All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!

Sort of gives you idea that the terrorist problem in the UK is beyond the Police and security people.

And they sat back and watched it happen.


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