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Things to Know About the Navy and the USS McCain

Hat Tip: Suzanne Eovaldi

From, a little more information about Navy ships:

"In June, seven sailors died after the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off Japan. Searchers found the bodies of the seven sailors in flooded berthing compartments.

Before that, the guided-missile cruiser Lake Champlain collided with a South Korean fishing vessel in May. And in January, the guided-missile cruiser Antietam ran aground in Tokyo Bay."

Read the article below and ask yourself what the Hell is going on in the US Navy.  Ed.
By NavyPatriot

For those that aren't familiar with the Navy enlisted "rates and ranks," here's a little info that may explain some things.  We have an enlistment structure from E-1 thru E-9.  It is similar to other forces seniority from Private to Master Sergeant.  We also have "ratings."  They explain your particular specialty.  BM, or Boatswain Mate is the oldest and most senior.  They take care of the ship itself.  Next is the QM, or Quartermaster.  Unlike in other services, they are NOT storekeepers, but Navigation Specialists.  There operate radar,  sonar, engines,  the commissary, etc.  You get the picture.
USS Fitzgerald

On the Bridge, or very close to it (navigation and ops area) of any Naval Vessel when underway, one will find the QM, RD, and Sonarman.  They are your "skilled" help.  Also you will find a young seaman on the ship's wheel and a Commissioned Officer acting as OIC when the Captain is elsewhere.  In my day, we also had young seaman on each wing of the bridge as lookouts…armed with binoculars!  It should be pretty easy for anyone with common sense, even a Marine to figure out their respective duties.

The Quartermaster plots and charts the Ship's course, while occasionally checking the Radar screen and Fathometer on the bridge.  The Radarman was constantly monitoring his screen, set out usually from 3-30 miles, depending on conditions and location.  The two lookouts monitored the horizon continuously!  Very small floating objects didn't always show up on radar but could possibly foul the propellers if hit.  Everyone had their job and the OIC was responsible to make certain that everyone did that job. 
USS McCain

Your shift was normally 4 hours.  The roughest was midnight to 4 AM.  Most guys had worked all day and had a little rec time before sleeping.  You were normally at your worst on that shift, keeping the OIC on his toes!  But the McCain's ramming took place just before or at sunrise.  A fresh watch would have started at 4 AM.

Whatever happens, it MUST be found to be the fault of the entire bridge watch!  Everyone must have been asleep!  How do you explain NOT seeing a tanker ship the size of a warehouse bearing down on you??

Think about it!  Ships are now full of gays, lesbians and LGBTQ's.  Could THAT have anything to do with it?  Are we spending too much time with behavior training?  Or did 'obongo' plan some of this when he cut ALL of our military budgets?  Think about all of our aircraft grounded for lack of money to buy spare parts! 

I had better quit before I tell you how I REALLY FEEL!

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  1. Interesting observation that military capability and readiness may have been traded for the politically correct purposes of socially engineered diversity. Not that we'll ever see an official study on the topic.