Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The following piece appeared on John Gibson.com on July 31st

by John Gibson   

John Kelly makes his presence felt on his first day as Chief of Staff by telling President Trump it’s time to show newly named White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci the door.

No, not THIS Mooch
I’m seeing reporters saying they were shocked, amazed at (General) John Kelly putting his foot down and saying “I’m the boss.” And further shocked and surprised that (General) Kelly didn’t want a loose cannon like the Mooch rolling around the White House floors. 

Put me down as not shocked.

Also put me down as glad Kelly is taking control.

Not that I had anything in particular against Scaramucci. I’m in the business of treasuring a loudmouth like the Mooch. Guys like him are what keeps me in business.

But for the good of the country–I do take that into consideration–it is a sign of good things that Kelly so emphatically took charge.

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