Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Genius of Chelsea Handler, or What Goes Around…

Hat Tip: Kevin "Coach" Collins

By Doug Book, Ed.

"He's a big bully," she told Tapper during a "Politics on Tap" event at Politicon. "He treats people terribly, he's disloyal ... he lies constantly. It's recorded lies. ... He's also unstable," spewed Chelsea Handler--liberal, talk show host and ostensible comedienne.  She was speaking of Donald Trump.  
Chelsea Handler

BUT Handler might have been describing her own grandfather, Karl Stoecker. For the Daily Mail revealed that Gramps “…fought for the Nazi regime in World War II.”  

Stroecker “was taken as a prisoner of war to America,” continues the Daily Mail article. According to Handler, her grandfather was a ‘very strong man' with a 'sense of humour.' Yeah, no doubt he was a barrel of laughs.

After spending an undetermined amount of time imprisoned in Montana, Stroecker returned to Germany, eager to bring his family to the United States. 
Karl Stoecker being processed In U.S.

Funny, but a pretty fair number of former Nazis were eager to leave Germany after the war.

“It would be great if Al Franken ran," said Handler when asked about personal favorites in the 2020 election.  "I'll take anyone. Anyone. Please." 

Yeah. That I’m CERTAIN of, Chelsea.

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