Monday, August 14, 2017

Pugh launches plan to employ Baltimore squeegee boys at car wash

The following article appeared in the Baltimore Sun on August 11th

By Luke Broadwater

Mayor Catherine Pugh this week launched a “pop up” car wash program for Baltimore youth.
Baltimore's Mayor Pugh

The mayor announced in June she planned to create a program to employ what she calls the "Squeegee boys" — the Baltimore youths who seeks tips for washing motorists' windshields on city streets.

Pugh said the boys show an entrepreneurial spirit, and the city could help them open their own car wash.

“The Squeegee Corps is up and running their first pop up car wash right here in front of City Hall!” Pugh wrote on Facebook Thursday.
The "Squeegee Boys"

Alexandra Smith, Pugh’s director of special projects, wrote on social media that residents should expect to see more “pop up” car washes throughout the city. She said one was planned soon for Bush Street near Carroll Park.

Prices for the services range from $5 to $15.

"Squeegee Boys" in various cities are infamous for assaulting drivers stopped at red lights and washing their windows. The service is always unsolicited and the driver had better pay up. 

I'll dispense with the "what could possibly go wrong" platitude and just say that, apparently, motorists can look forward to entire vehicles being surrounded and attacked with sponges; a $15 ransom exacted and paid I should imagine if the driver wants to be on his way.

By the way, if a White Mayor referred to this group as "Boys" of any variety, how long would it be until he was forced to resign?  Ed.

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