Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Low-Energy Department of Justice

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

While the low energy, US Department of Justice takes a well-deserved break from its heavy schedule of non-prosecution of truly egregious offenses, why not use the hiatus to offer our crew of somnolent law enforcement officials some very real topics for potential investigation, including instances of malfeasance, criminality and corruption.  Here is a direct link to the Department of Justice comment form: Upon clicking on any pertinent subject from the list provided, you may type up to 2,000 characters into the white comment box, recommending the next topic for investigation. How about a quick click on the subject at the very top, namely "Access to Justice."  There’s a thought, huh!

Readers have suggested a number of subjects in need of actual, DOJ investigation, including but not limited to the Obama-era activities of: Fast & Furious--the gun give away that led to the death of Border Control agents; Benghazi; the death and possible murder of Seal Team 6 members; the targeting of Conservative groups by the Obama IRS; Susan Rice and her continued top secret security clearance which lead to the unmasking of classified surveillance personnel; how Obama transferred $400,000,000 in US currency to Iranian coffers; the use of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund the Obamacare start-up; the existence of Obama's personal records.

After beginning these, perhaps the low energy DOJ types will investigate:  Hillary Rodham Clinton's 33,000 e-mail transfers from classified, SOS servers to her basement, to some place out west and eventually to the cloud; Anthony Weiner's lap-top and the treasure trove of the Clinton storage bin alongside titillating details of texts with minors; Seth Rich's demise; Clinton Foundation connections with alleged overseas donors; Russian involvement with DNC operatives; Pedogate, Pizzagate and the lifelong perversion of John Podesta.

How about Justice Scalia's untimely death; what about the DNC-FBI conversations about hacking; what about a full vetting of if and how and when the names of HRC and Robert Mueller pop up in stories about Russian nuclear exchange! Finally, why won't our low energy DOJ look into the activities of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Awan brothers?  Conservative FR commenter, "demkicker," wants some light shed onto, "Wasserman-Schultz's brotherheading up the investigation into his sister's [corruption and the scandal involving] Imran Awan."

At least eight members of Mueller's legal broom brigade have donated nearly $70,000 to Democrat candidates, according to the Daily Caller.  Hello, does anyone out there have a dictionary that can still define Conflict of Interest?

Look, the inveterate hypocrisy of continuing the Russian Concussion when even Congressional investigations in both House and Senate have failed to turn up any wrongdoing is just silly, even for political hucksters.  That the DOJ allows its own people to stay in place under bald conflict of interest is wrong.  And even though acting FBI director Andrew McCabe's wife received a campaign donation from Virginia's Democrat Governor, the guy still has a job. 

Is there a Jeff Sessions?  Will Mueller and Comey meet for warm lattes? Is Comey's book advance predicated on this Mueller investigation? Did he share inside information in his advance synopsis to get this million dollar book deal? Stop and think for a moment about how this looks, that is, getting a huge book advance while the Mueller investigation drags on and on.

I personally am fed up with the ten percenter approval types in the House and Senate rushing to media photo ops after endless hours of talk in do-nothing committee hearings and make-nice meetings.  Evidently, we still have a major malfunction between them and their low energy, DOJ counterparts because they are not providing the functioning government we are paying for. Spider webs of insiders, Kabuki hot talk, AWOL leaders--this is our devolved government of talk but no action.  Conservative commenters need to fire up their keyboards and click on the DOJ's comment page during the remainder of this endless summer of broken promises.

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