Monday, August 14, 2017

It’s time to dump Drudge and go to much better sites

By Kevin Collins

In this world we may have knowledge or repose but we may not have both. The human condition is a series of decisions; we either deal with them or circumstances deal with us. Once a bell is rung in our presence we cannot un-ring it. All of these apply to our relationship to the Drudge Report.

For years we have looked to Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report as a place where we could get some actual news. During the presidential election cycle last year this was especially true. While the foaming-at-the-mouth liars in the media churned out their disinformation day after day we at least had Drudge as a kind of Radio Free America. He posted surveys which showed that Donald Trump was clearly on his way to the Republican nomination and his fairly presented news kept alive the hope that Trump could and would win the election, saving us from another Clinton presidency.  

Nevertheless, like a doctor who continually works in wards full of people with various illnesses and finally succumbs to one of these severe maladies, sometime earlier this year Drudge fell ill with hubris and began to believe that it was he who elected Trump rather than us. He began acting like he could punish Trump for any number of transgressions his whimsical little mind imagined. He published the results of polls proved to be faked by irrefutable, Wiki-Leaked emails. That was no problem for Drudge. He just made believe the stories he carried (often alone) where not true and the faked polls were honest reflections of dwindling support for Trump. It was a creeping change that was hard to discern at first.

Then came Trump’s ban of so-called transgender soldiers and Drudge’s gloves came off completely. He is now just as much an enemy of ours as CNN. Some say this is because Matt Drudge is a homosexual, others say it is a manifestation of the disease of liberalism Drudge has come down with. Personally I don’t care why Drudge has turned on us and I do mean us.  I just want him off my favorites list because Donald Trump is the only person standing in the way of the total destruction of our way of life.

It is now time to turn on Drudge and put him down. As happens when any enterprise is successful, imitators will appear and a very good and satisfying alternative to the anti-American Drudge Report has arisen. It is where honest descriptions of our enemies abound and truth reigns.

Why add to Drudge’s questionable hits numbers and be insulted and mocked by his slanted headlines?

Search twitter to get the most up to date information from patriots like Bill Mitchell,  Mike Cernovich, James Woods (yes THAT James Woods) U.S. Freedom Army and Mike Andersonsr Jim Hoft (Gateway pundit).

Go to these sites for the truth about what is happening in our country and the world: Freepers are the most astute consumers of news on the web. Stories that have relevance to our lives are what you find each day. no more lies about the religion of peace when something is breaking news forget about all other sites THIS is where you get up to the minute reports. Good as a secondary source; it provides contextual analysis of what is happening in our world. posts stories built on reports often smuggled out of military installations that give us the full actual picture of what has actually happened in breaking military related stories. financial news that combines bottom lines with political events. very good hard hitting analysis of the stories that mean something to us Charles Johnson gets the stories no one else can get; want to hear one of the actual treasonous speeches John McCain made in the Hanoi Hilton? This is the site to find it.  Fresh articles each day on all subjects. No fake news here.

By the way what have you done lately to deserve to live in America? 


  1. This will not copy for "Press This," Neither is there a Reblog button. This is HARD to reproduce in a blog when one is publishing mybe 100 a day....Jes' Sayin'....

  2. I often do not agree with you, Mr. Collins, but unfortunately this time I believe that you are quite correct. Thank you for writing this article.

  3. whole wholeheartedly agree, Drudge is coming off my bookmarks. a shame, I loved the aggregated news format, but a partisan is a partisan.