Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Houston Mayor Jumps Into Action--- Promises to Protect Illegals from Deportation During Harvey

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on August 29th

by Jim Hoft

On August 24th Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Texas citizens in the path of Hurricane Harvey to heed warnings from local officials and adhere to ALL evacuation orders.

But Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner had a different idea.

The Houston mayor told citizens to “think twice before trying to leave Houston” before Hurricane Harvey hit.

Now Houston is flooded, the city is expecting more rain, looters are ransacking stores, and people are dying.

And it’s only going to get worse.

On top of that, Mayor Turner is refused to take the governor’s calls.

On Monday Mayor Turner jumped into action.

Mayor Turner
The Democrat Mayor promised to protect all illegal aliens from deportation during Hurricane Harvey.
Newsmax reported:

The mayor of Houston said Monday residents of his city, regardless of their citizenship or immigration status, should not be afraid to ask for help amid heavy flooding — and if illegal aliens are arrested after they are discovered in the storm, he will serve as their lawyer. 

“I and others will be the first ones to stand up with you,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, according to The Hill. “If you need help and someone comes and they require help, and then for some reason, somebody tries to deport them, I will represent them myself, OK?”

The city is underwater in historic flood and the mayor is worried about representing illegals?

This is today’s Democrat party.

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