Saturday, August 5, 2017

Are Climate Warriors Giving Up?

The following article appeared on American Thinker on August 4th

Climate change warriors have transitioned from being motivated and enthusiastic to despondent and fatalistic. A Washington Post article this week headlined, “We only have a 5 percent chance of avoiding ‘dangerous’ global warming.” It looks to me like they have thrown in the towel. We are beyond the point of no return, whatever that means. The apocalypse is imminent. 

Does that mean we can stop with the climate change talk and get on to repealing Obamacare, building the wall and cutting taxes? Doubtful. Despite the climate movement’s new fatalism, don’t expect them to give up and move on. Being 3 touchdowns down at the two-minute warning, they want to keep the starters in hoping for a miracle. Rather than accepting defeat and looking toward the next game.

The Washington Post article cites two recently published studies full of pessimism. They conclude, “There’s little chance of the world will stay within prescribed climate limits.” Specifically, “There’s only a 5 percent chance that the world can hold limiting below 2 degrees Celsius and a mere 1 percent chance that it can be limited below 1.5 degrees.” 

Why are these temperature limits important? Two degrees is the threshold for “dangerous climate change.” A point beyond which recovery may be impossible. They go further stating that 1.5 degrees is, “how much global warming the world has already committed to.” In other words, 1.5 degrees of warming is a given, baked in to the future. It’s that last half degree that is either our salvation or our doom.

As if the planet’s temperature never before rose by a few degrees over a period of time. How did those ice ages ever end?

The global warming/cooling/climate change scare will continue as long as hundreds of millions of dollars remain available to the scare mongers. The sure way to end this farce: provide funding only to those whose research proves that temperature change is unlikely to have any discernible effect on the planet for the next 100,000 years. Global warming kooks would, as if by magic, end their decades-long crusade and suddenly become “deniers.”  Michael Mann would claim that his infamous Hockey Stick graph proved all along that global warming represented no threat to Mother Earth. Some fun.  Ed.

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