Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You’re Fired!

 by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer 

In what just might be the Mother of All Bloodbaths in Washington, D. C., President Trump is looking to fire an epic number of staff and administration ‘significant others’ according to a recent,  NATIONAL ENQUIRER'S world exclusive interview with an informant known personally by the President.  The “bloody Sunday that will rock the U.S. government to its core," is set for this month, but the exact date is the President's own secret! This is another in a long string of Enquirer exclusives that apparently are coming from the horse's mouth, perhaps because this is one of the very few media outlets which the President can trust.

"Robert Mueller is gone," says the tabloid's source, a close friend from Trump's real estate days.  "Donald has absolutely had enough."  What Conservatives have been saying on their message boards for weeks now is the impetus for the suspected, “You're Fired” summer of metaphorical blood-letting.  Former FBI Director and Special Russia-Collusion Investigator Robert Mueller's close personal friendship with James Comey is the real problem. Just surfacing is the rumored postponement of Comey's congressional testimony to allow him to speak with Mueller in advance! Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), member of the House Judiciary Committee, is calling the delay caused by this possible meeting, "the real collusion!"

Comey worked shoulder to shoulder with Mueller when the former FBI Director served as Deputy Attorney General under Mueller during the Bush and Obama years.  "And, of course, Mr. Mueller is a very well-known CLOSE friend of Mr. Comey's (sic)--that alone should cause him to recuse himself."  Franks is pointing out the duplicity of congressional Democrats and their media allies. (This is news?)  "Certainly, if that was a Republican situation everybody would be up in arms, saying he should recuse himself because Mr. Comey and Mr. Mueller, neither of them, could ever deny credibly that they are not close personal friends and yet that doesn't seem to occur to some of our friends on the left,"  Franks said.  He goes on to explain how the collusion of witnesses in a judicial trial never is allowed.  Franks told interviewer Nicholas Ballasy that "the left, in their ostensible moral outrage, becomes so laughable in their complete blindness to their own duplicity that it beggars description!"

President Trump's growing frustration is that of the businessman CEO's approach that expects surrogates to get the job done.  Such names, as Jeff Sessions at Justice and Tom Price at Health and Human Services float to the top of the ENQUIRER'S "hit list of White House staffers and other notables in his administration." When Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation and Price bungled health care reform's repeal and replace, Trump solidified a massive You're Fired momentum that will begin the house cleaning in D. C., starting with his own presidential and governmental apparatus. 

What's even more attention grabbing is the ENQUIRER'S assertion that four loyal Obama moles could be facing time in federal holding cells. ENQUIRER reporter Mike Jaccarino says, "Obama and Eric Holder littered the administration with liberal ideologues, saboteurs, and spies."
Robert Mueller

Others in the July, bloody Sunday scenario, according to Jaccarino, could include OMB Director Mick Mulvaney whose involvement in the Freedom Caucus effort to torpedo  Obamacare did not sit well with the President.  "Trump didn't come to Washington to play politics," the insider said in a 41 minute phone interview.  The President believes Democrats have set up a sideshow to derail the People's Agenda and that his trusted surrogates allowed it to happen. So others named by the ENQUIRER include Kelly Conway whose mouth may have gotten her in trouble after Morning Joe's Mika spilled the beans about Conway's loose lips off camera. Could this be why Conway's husband just refused a job with the Trump Administration, that is, he got wind of what could be coming down? And the Sean Spicer political theater in the WH press briefing room and perhaps even Steve Bannon's TIME cover story should warn journalists about overreaching their own importance. 

Deputy press secretary Sanders this week put her finger on a big part of President Trump's frustration:  "He is attacked mercilessly (by the press) day after day after day."  Why is his staff not doing their part to deflect these media attacks?  Getting themselves media face time or magazine covers may be just too ego driven for the larger aim of instilling the Conservative agenda that put their boss in the Oval Office in the first place.  The behind the scenes maneuverings just weren’t selfless enough, IMHO.

Quotes from THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, July 3, 2017, pg. 21-22-23, reporter Mike Jaccarino 

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