Monday, July 24, 2017

Was the Official Story of the World Trade Center Collapse a Fraud?

Should the story of the WTC collapse be re-investigated?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Sadly, only 21,852 Americans from the general public so far have signed the official petition of over 2,000 architects and engineers demanding a new investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11. A 501c3 non-profit educational organization,, is putting the esteemed reputations and careers on the line of 2,887 worldwide experts calling for new inquiries into just what went on, but the public, so far, is not getting behind them! 

"On behalf of the people of the USA, the undersigned architects and engineers for 9/11 truth hereby petition for and demand a truly independent investigation," states their petition.  "We believe there is sufficient doubt about the official story," their plea continues. The theory that a "possible use of explosives" might have been the "actual cause of destruction of WTC Twin Towers and Building 7" is the conclusion of these international designers and builders. How can the American people be so apathetic about this cataclysmic event that forever changed the course of American history and that took away so many of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms? 

Watching Ed Asner narrate a trailer for the free online video E-book about 9/11 has to make at least one or two Americans wonder why Building #7 collapsed onto its own footprint at free fall in less than SEVEN SECONDS!   Richard Gage, the founder and CEO of questions the official theory which claims fires fueled by burning office furnishings brought down # 7.  "Fires have never before caused the collapse of any skyscraper," says the esteemed architect with over 23 years of experience in design and construction of steel structures.  Tom Sullivan, an explosives expert, says simply and emphatically, "What I saw was a classic implosion."  Many other experts comment on this brief overview about what really happened. 

The implausibility of the official theory as told to the public by government authorities rests on the notion that the "authors cannot generate a computer model of the collapse that even remotely resembles the observed collapse!"  The fact that a 47 story structure collapsed in its own footprint in less than seven seconds at free fall is an observable phenomenon that even the least informed member of the public has to question.  Why, then, are we not getting behind these architects and engineers to demand our government re-open a real investigation? You can listen to the experts discuss the possibility of thermite explosive materials placed throughout WT #7.   The video shows small particles of what another expert states is thermite.  "Thermite was involved," he says.  Yet only 71 viewers were online to check out this summary of the free online E-book.  "No plane hit it," says another speaker.
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Meanwhile, a third party narration of a story that alleges a deathbed confession of a CIA agent who is said to have been part of the "cell" of four operatives taking "orders from the top," cannot be verified at present.  The video and story line circulating on the web is saying that "We blew up WTC 7 on 911."  He is shown from a hospital bed as he discusses the "intentional demolition" which he justified doing at the time because "it was for the greater good." But now, as he nears his own death allegedly, he realizes this "is not the American way. . .Something Wasn't Right." He even expresses second thoughts about bringing out their cigars and celebratory toasts because the building's collapse was just too successful; their task was completed just too perfectly. 

A clip from the video's footage features a NYFD responder and his buddy who were sitting on a curb outside of the 9/11 site.  He says, "The whole f*****g place blew" as "we were waiting to go up the stairs."  He then says, "We were in the staging area…in the lobby…everything just let loose." The alleged CIA agent's deathbed confession at this point cannot be verified, but denying this fireman's account would be difficult.
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But there can be no dispute about the conclusion which the 2,887 prestigious architects and engineers are saying in their petition demanding a real investigation of 9/11.  Why was the debris so quickly carted out of the area?  Did NORAD stand down?  Why are Americans ignoring this petition?

View the overview and footage at this link: ; you can download the entire free E-book and also check out the parent site which is full of more data at

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