Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vaccine Protocols Killing America’s Children; Autism on the Rise

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

After they suffered the loss of their 5 month old son who died one day after receiving eight vaccines, the broken hearted parents are taking up the cause of infant and childhood vaccine death and injuries to fight for America's most helpless and vulnerable victims.  Unbelievably, the hospital cremated the infant and ruled Matthew's death was "UNDETERMINED."  The couple's lawyer would not let the baby's mother Crystal view the autopsy report which "was one of the most difficult to look at" even though the lawyer had seen many autopsy reports.  The parents had to wait well over two years to even obtain the report from the CO based hospital located in CA.  At the time of his death Baby Matthew had received a staggering 17 vaccines, including two sets of 3 each in 1 jabbing, all by the age of 5 1/2 months!  

What follows is the sourced listing of vaccine protocols which Crystal says are "what the CDC recommends newborns receive." While still in the hospital just after his birth her healthy son was given the Hepatitis B vaccine.  During his 2 month well baby checkup he was given these 8 vaccines: DTaP (3 in 1); Polio, Hib, Hep B, Pneumococcal PCV and the oral Rotavirus vaccine.  The infant died a day after his next visit, the slightly delayed  4 month well baby check, when Matthew received 8 more vaccines, namely DTaP, (3 in  1),Polio, Hib, Pneumoccocal, Hep B and Hep A. "These would be the last vaccines he would ever receive." The next morning his father found Matthew's dead body in his crib.  Crystal said she "ran my baby to the hospital two blocks away" when 911 was taking too long.  At that time she was told the baby died of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The parents were told an autopsy was required, but "their son was best not to be seen prior to being cremated because of the condition he was in."

They were devastated but have since had another healthy son, Wyatt, for whom she filed a vaccine exemption, which will also apply to any future children they may have.  Finger pointing by the infant's parents is directed at politicians who ignore the vaccine-injured population in America.  Even though all 50 states have opt-out forms for vaccinations, the message is not getting to American parents for a number of reasons.  What I find very academically challenged is the fact that Big Pharma is directly involved in reports and analyses coming out of the federal alphabet soup of medical agencies.  One of the first principles I was taught when I took my literary research course was that "your research must be independent," that is, free and clear of any conflict of interest issues. How can our federal government continue to ignore this huge elephant in America's living room?

Well, interestingly, a conscientious WI doctor is issuing his own assessment of what has gone horribly wrong.  "The AMA's view on vaccine safety-that the status quo is fine and needs no changes-runs counter to the evidence," says Dr. David Brownstein.  He and other likeminded medical professionals have issued their response to the AMA's position paper which opposes creation of a new federal commission on vaccine safety seeking to examine the association between autism and vaccines.  "A new, fully transparent Vaccine Safety Commission MUST be formed," they say. "With nearly 250 vaccines in the developmental pipe line…Examining the safety of injections cannot be overstated."  What is upsetting Dr. Brownstein especially is this scary set of stats: "The combined and cumulative effects of 55 shots, 209 vaccine antigens, 525 mcg of mercury and 13,425 mcg of aluminum that have been injected into a child by 18 years of age in accordance with the CDC's 2017 childhood immunization schedule HAS NEVER BEEN EXAMINED. In fact, it has never even been questioned."

Hello, parents, grandparents, families.  Can those of you who still read--after surviving the government school combine-- please re-read the above appalling listing and let sink in the fact that your beloved child has had or will have had FIFTY FIVE vaccine jabs before reaching the legal adult age of 18? Too many Americans are so controlled by the white coat syndrome of medical brain washing, they will not question what their doctors and hospitals say and do.  Because the media gets huge sums of ad dollars from Big Pharma, they push every sort of Vaccine without question.  Meanwhile, our most vulnerable are left to suffer and die for reasons concealed or “undetermined” even as Big Med is allowed to get away with not answering a parent's empirical concerns.  Do you understand that soon, many of our children will have autism?

"If current growth rates continue unabated by 2025, 1/2 kids born in the US will be diagnosed with autism,” according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  THE OFFICIAL AUTISM RATE IS APPROACHING 1 in 40 CHILDREN!!" In 2005, autism affected 1 in 1,250 children, but only 12 years later, the "official autism rate is nearing 1 in 40 children!"

This cannot go on.  Editors tell reporters to follow the money.  Is this why America is eating its own?

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