Saturday, July 22, 2017

It’s Much Worse Than We Feared

The Damage Done to the American People by Hussein Obama and his Cronies

The following article appeared on Ace of Spades on July 20th

Hat Tip: Second City Cop

By Thomas Wictor

“I always wondered why the Democrats were such mollycoddlers of the criminal class, and then the obvious answer dawned on me: crooks, grifters, rapists, thieves, con men, welfare cheats, burglars, wife beaters, flim flam artists, antifa scum, homicidal maniacs, gang bangers, terrorists, and child molesters are all natural Democratic constituencies, so they're just pandering to their voter base.”  Gorillapundit

(1) Boy oh boy. Remember we said that after Obama left office, we'd find out the damage he did?

      It's much worse than I imagined.

(2) Under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice pushed the states to pass new laws.
(3) The goal was to make it impossible to hold repeat offenders in jail before trial. Why?
(4) Because so many repeat offenders are black.
(5) The first step was to reclassify violent felonies as nonviolent misdemeanors. Look at California.
(6) Assault with a deadly weapon, harming a crime victim or witness, resisting arrest that injures a police officer...
(7) Violent elder or child abuse, arson with injury, and manslaughter are now nonviolent felonies.
(8 ) Proposition 47--passed in 2014--reclassified certain "nonviolent felonies" as misdemeanors.
(9) Therefore prisoners convicted of violent elder abuse were released because now their former violent felony was a misdemeanor.
(10) So the Democrats first changed violent felonies to misdemeanors. Then they changed the laws for bail.
(11) Washington DC Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier resigned because criminals were being arrested, released, and arrested again the same day.
(13) Federal authorities decide who stays in jail in DC. Under pressure from Holder and Lynch, they were releasing everyone.
(14) The crime rate spiked dramatically. The Democrats are pushing for "community rehabilitation programs" instead of prison.
(15) The most repulsive member of congress--@tedlieu, the guy who trolls Trump--has introduced a doozy of a bill.
(16) Lieu wants to ELIMINATE bail in the entire country.
(17) They point to the "success" of New Jersey, which eliminated bail earlier this year.
(18 ) In New Jersey, a person is evaluated with an eight-question form. Prior offenses are not taken into consideration.
(19) As a result almost nobody is held over until trial. Almost everyone is released.
(20) The state had to hire new staff and create new computer systems to manage the new system.
(21) Releasing everybody has so far cost New Jersey $400 million, and the crime rate is skyrocketing.
(23) Duane and Beth Chapman--He's better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter--testified in Sacramento about the new laws coming.
(24) The Chapmans pointed out every loophole they could: a guy who never shows up for trial, for example.
(25) They said that the Democrats then TWEAKED the laws to EXCLUDE any possible offender.
(26) The DC Police arrested a total of 219 violent protestors on Inauguration Day. Only 17 showed up for their trials.
(27) The Chapmans said that the Democratic party has made it a priority in 2017 to pass laws that make holding anyone in jail impossible.
(28 ) What I realized a long time ago is that Democrats' sole motivation is to piss off conservatives.
(29) So I'm not surprised that one of our two major parties now wants us to die at the hands of violent criminals.
(30) The end result of Democratic "reform" is that criminals now commit crimes with impunity, and people are too afraid to call the cops.
(31) There are no penalties for threatening witnesses and skipping your trial. Nobody comes looking for you.
(32) And if you get arrested, they immediately release you.
(33) You may have heard that more an more celebrities are having their mansions broken into.
(34) Alanis Morissette was robbed of $2 million worth of jewelry.
(35) This is a new crime, being committed by old gangs such and the Bloods and Crips. It's because there are no penalties.
(36) This is just one of the things Obama did to us. And the CURRENT Democrats want to make it even worse. The end.  

Deemed "Non-Violent" Felonies in New Jersey:

Sleep well.  Ed.

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