Monday, July 17, 2017

DEVIL MAY CARE: Columbian Tattoo Convention Freaks

The following article appeared in the Sun on July 15th

Colombian Tattoo Convention showcases the weird and the wonderful as freaks, vampires and beautiful women descend on Medellin

The three day event celebrates the weird and the wonderful

By Emma Gritt

THERE'S nothing like a tattoo convention to bring the local freaks out of the shadows - and Colombia's Expo Tattoo Fair was no exception.

The event - which is in its eighth year - attracted plenty of colourful characters, including performance artist Jacob Angel, who made a rather unnerving appearance yesterday. 
Jacob Angel

Jacob, who performs under the stage name The Angel of Death, made quite an impression at the event in Medellin.

Striding around the expo wearing little more than a pair of leather wings, a bondage harness and some height-boosting cloven hoof shoes, he really did look like he had come from another dimension.

With his body painted white, and with the addition of some black and white corpse-paint inspired veins running across his bald head and upper body, he could have passed as a Cenobite from Clive Barker's Hellraiser series, or a member of a little-known Norwegian black metal band.

Last year, he performed at the expo, and gave fans a freaky show involving him being suspended on chains attached to hooks that pierced through the skin on his back.

His reputation has even seen him appear on national TV as a "real Colombian vampire."

While his presence was sure to have excited convention-goers, he wasn't the only person there with an extreme look.
Carlos Dehaquiz

Carlos Dehaquiz showed off some painful and strange looking bulbous lumps on his forehead, which matched small horns he had on each of his temples.

The 'horns' - made from pieces of medically safe plastic surgically inserted beneath the skin - were tattooed around for extra effect.

However, it was Carlos' tattooed EYEBALLS that really made him look demonic.

With the chocolate brown hue of his iris barely noticeable against the black of his eyes, he looked like he had been possessed, or had no eyeballs at all. 

The American media got Hussein elected. I wonder what it could do with one of these beauties. Ed.

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