Sunday, July 9, 2017

City of Chicago Taking the State of Illinois Down the Chute with It

by Jean Tierney 

The real reason for Illinois' collapsing financial situation is being withheld from its citizens. According to the latest Natural News health blog, "When a single state in America must now pay over half a billion dollars per month just to barely keep up with what it owes the medical system, you know something has gone terribly wrong and the system is unsustainable."

"Illinois is being bankrupted by Big Pharma," continues Natural News publisher Mike Adams who is an advocate of Natural Medicine and healing practices not acceptable to the Federal Drug Administration, “because Americans are being held captive by the FDA (which) must be gutted from top to bottom."  Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza just received a court decision that demands a staggering "$586 million per month to catch up on all the unpaid Medicaid bills [the State] owes doctors, hospitals, cancer clinics and drug companies." How ironic that on the day we celebrated our country's freedom from taxation without representation, the nation has become enslaved to an out of control Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Government cartel that in reality is nothing more than income redistribution.  In short, our hard earned money is being poured into pockets of CEO's and shareholders of a vast drug and technology based medical combine. "America spends almost one out of every four dollars of its GDP on "sick care services" writer Adams says.  He is coming down hard on our current system that he sees as broken and being dominated by "Big Pharma's toxic drugs that simply don't work to prevent sickness and disease."   Critics also suggest that many of the harsh chemicals taken by legal prescription merely mask symptoms yet fail to root out and cure the underlying diseases or conditions. 

The elephant in Illinois’ state house, of course, is Chicago where Democrat politics have held dominion over the past 60 year history of giveaways, entitlements, welfare state pay for votes and especially the unholy alliance between politicians and public sector unions.   

Chicago voters return a 74% Democrat tally in each major cycle, making it clear that the rest of the state--including many Red areas--is just not able to overcome this huge statistic. House Speaker Michael Madigan rules over Springfield and holds the record for longest term elected official in the country.  When the state's Republican governor vetoed a new budget plan that includes big tax hikes, he was overridden because 12 GOP legislators put in with the massive, Democrat majority.  Staring down the declaration of junk bond status was an alternative they backed away from.  This situation is now facing many others  because Illinois is just the cynosure in the roster of states facing financial ruin. "Even as we're watching Illinois implode under the financial burden of a failed health care system, almost no one is talking about the real source of the problem: The DRUG CARTELS AND THEIR MONOPOLY over medicine," says Mike Adams.

Here are four big steps Adams believes we must take to prevent further damage and repair the status quo. 

Number one is putting a stop to the FDA being the "primary enforcer of the toxic pharmaceutical cartels that are bankrupting America." The FDA must be gutted from top to bottom.  

Secondly, Adams wants our natural medicines, use of vitamins and supplements, ancient healing protocols that have well served our ancestors, to be legalized and protected.  Also, doctors that promote these natural healing solutions, especially for many chronic conditions, must be protected from legal ruin by the government. Vaccine routines and protocols must be investigated, must provide empirical evidence and adhere to the wishes of parents who have to deal with effects of failed medical treatments on their helpless children.  Maximizing useless clinical protocols for the elderly must stop now.  Pushing drugs on terminal patients that never will outlive the drug effects is offensive, unethical, and cruel.  I personally feel that doctors taking perks and even free drug samples must be required to provide their patients with written disclaimer statements concerning a possible conflict of interest for any drugs and procedures they prescribe.  We must demand our politicians stop taking medical lobby dollars!   

Thirdly, the Natural News publisher is calling on us to stop Big Pharma. "Big Pharma is a dangerous parasite on the U.S. economy and it will bankrupt everything if we don't stop it," says Adams.  He is calling the Republican verbiage about free market solutions just smoke and mirrors without real and effective overhaul of the "pharma drug cartels and FDA-enforced monopoly." Adams suggests that both political parties are mere prostitutes for an out of control industry that eventually will bankrupt not just Illinois but all of our states.  New Jersey and Maine were the other two states over the 4th of July weekend that had to shut down parks and various public services just to make ends meet.  While Illinois' problems are especially upsetting to me, my birth state is only the first one that caught national attention because of its financial crisis.  Other states could follow unless we get very proactive now.

Finally, our media is not telling us that, "Thanks to the FDA, prescription opioid deaths have now surpassed all gun-related deaths in America!" No, you won't hear or view any big revelations on that appalling statistic because of the huge media dollars Big Pharma pours into the airwaves for drugs whose side effects are hidden in very small print statements made invisible by pleasant images of families "saved" by one drug or another.  The media will continue to push gun control but protect its huge financial donors because Big Money rules.

I recently learned that one FL senior takes 30 pills each day! This is beyond obscene!! Here is Mike Adams' statement on the matter: "Paying more and more money to a monopoly-protected, corporate monstrosity that sells toxic chemicals to sick people is not merely unsustainable; it is stupid beyond belief."

All quotes and background attributable to Mike Adams’ article: "For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma's failed medical monopoly."

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