Thursday, June 29, 2017

Will Paul Ryan Suffer the Cantor Fate?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Will Paul Ryan be “Cantored” by a bike rider with arm tattoos in his 2018 primary challenge or be taken out in the general by a Democrat whose twitter bona fides cover important coalition pools such as Father, Army veteran, Ironworker, cancer survivor? Paul Nehlen, who lost to Ryan in their primary race, called the Speaker "a soulless globalist from the Democrat Wing of the Uni-Party!" The Everyman businessman from Delaven with a very impressive business profile drove a big yellow dump truck all around their southeastern WI district emblazoned with "Get the DIRT on Ryan at"

Nehlen, a strong Trump supporter, ran early on with anti-elitist themes and is giving indications that he may make another run at Ryan even though the unknown lost out to the big D.C. money machine by nearly 70%."Paul Ryan's in for Paul Ryan" says Nehlen.  The incumbent's lack of feeling for America's Everyman makes him a globalist candidate that needs to be replaced.  Trump tweeted to the newcomer to GOP politics: "Thanks to P.Nehlen for your kind words, very much appreciated." The challenger presents a tough, working man's approach in his 2016 ad in which he looks directly into the camera wearing black sun glasses and a cut off black tee shirt astride his motor sickle, as it's pronounced in the Mid-West.  He even challenged Ryan to an arm wrestling contest which, of course, the white shirt, D.C. insider ignored. 

The Nehlen campaign themes are very similar to those of the Democrat who already has announced for the 2018 House race in a challenge to the Speaker who just doesn't seem to get the angst from his district or from the rest of the country.  The recent Quinnipiac poll covered many questions that centered on Trump's favorability on The People's issues versus favorability of McConnell, Ryan, the Congressional Republicans and Democrats.

Ryan's lack of empathy is the key point cited by ESQUIRE'S work up on the Democrat's early answer to Ryan, namely Randy Bryce.  The piece cites Ryan's House health bill as "the barbaric healthcare reform bill he (Ryan) rammed through the lower chamber."   The Ryan Initiative may be the issue that "is dragging Ryan deep underwater."  This assessment sums up why so many Trump voters on message boards continue to rail against Paul Ryan. "He has demonstrated a nauseating lack of empathy as he's misrepresented the intent and likely effects of the bill with a toothy grin plastered across his face."  Republican conservatives will not forget how Ryan went wobbly over supporting President Trump in the presidential race, especially during the Billy Bush, hyped up sex tapes harassment flap.  This reaction seems to parallel Ryan's lack of support during the President’s ‘Russians flap’ and Mueller conflict of interest ties with the fired Comey.

Bryce is serious.  His Everyman approach pulls from the themes of the Trump presidential race and the traction Nehlen got with his blue collar visuals and Ryan dump truck images. The fact that the Bryce campaign themes parallel strongly with the Nehlen themes is very significant.  And the Democrat shows a much needed subtleness with his choice of his "Iron Stache" Twitter moniker.  You often hear "Stache" in Mid-Western conversations about virile working men, many of whom are of eastern European extraction who work in blue collar jobs. 

"Bryce's strategy is to position himself as a working Everyman who actually listens to people's stories,"  Amen.  Ryan's priorities will be on display as never before in this crucial 2018 spectacle.  When you consider the most money ever spent on a political race in the Handle-Ossoff race in GA, you have to guess that big bucks are beginning to pour in from globalist enclaves who have to defend their guy in D.C. But money doesn't always talk when The People get fed up and Quinnipiac would never have included so many Congress vs. Trump questions if the pollsters didn't sense the real mood of the country.  The Eric Cantor take down in 2014 reverberated all over the nation while the Trump victory shook the world's political scene to its very core.  Fed up American males stepped in and took a big swing at D.C.  What is very apparent is that the themes of the WI Democrat's already announced challenge to Paul Ryan are very similar to the  2016 GOP primary fighter for The People.  Will Ryan keep grinning while he massages Tea Party themes to fit his Globalist gravy train or will he be replaced by House Conservatives before he can do any more damage to President Trump's agenda, which is really The People's Agenda?

We’re in store for a very interesting primary season and general election.

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  1. Nehlen got 16% of the vote. Time for someone else.