Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Desire to Destroy Trump has Nothing to do with Policy

By Doug Book

What is the real motive behind the left’s mad rush to remove Donald Trump from office?

1) To remove what liberals claim to be a loose cannon from a position of almost limitless power?

2) To prevent America meddling with the Paris Accord?

3) To secure the blessings of ObamaCare?


The true purpose is to teach the American voter that stepping out of line, taking charge of an election, making a president of someone unacceptable to the majority of politicos, college professors and news readers is simply not acceptable. In short, the left must correct the dangerous notion that ‘We the American People’ should have any say in the running of our nation.

The people got far too uppity in 2016. Defeating the establishment candidate made it appear that our will might actually count for something!  Could anything be more ridiculous? It was a childish little foray into ‘grown-up land’ which made it necessary for the truly important people to take action.

Sure…we are sometimes permitted to believe that our opinions matter; that freedom still exists; that the Constitution is still adhered to; that elections are honestly run. BUT, when we step too far out of line by overturning the will of the powerful, we must accept the hard lesson that our decisions may be at any time  summarily reversed.

After all, if the American public were permitted to exercise any real authority, the centuries of authority enjoyed by the self-infatuated class might come to nothing. And we can’t have that!

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