Friday, June 16, 2017

Government of the Lawyer, By the Lawyer and for the Lawyer

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Government of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers was on full display at the Comey Congressional Hearing as an illustration of just how far removed our highly paid, elected officials really are from the issues which are truly interesting to we the governed. Clearly, Congress is discriminating against the employment demographics of our country! Just how many lawyers are in Congress? And more importantly, how many of them "rule" us via their committees?

All I could think of, as a daughter and niece of a lawyer, judge and cousin of a law professor as I watched this farce was Delay, Delay, Delay.  Along with all sorts of other rhetorical legalese, well-schooled doublespeak and parsing of words, legislative legal rulers are governing us, looking down on us, ignoring us, pontificating to us and generally disrespecting us.  Just where were we in all of that legal mumbo jumbo that went on?  Anyone who earns a dollar by the sweat of a brow, assists in an operating room or teaches behind a closed classroom door inherently must realize just how far removed the average working American is from the royalty in D.C..  What did the hearing provide for us? The media framed a ‘gotcha’ moment for a president they did not like, for a some-of-this, some-of-that former FBI director and for a former president they wish they could put back on the throne.  But we private sector Americans out there; people in fly-over land; Moms and Dads working to care for their families, or folks who only could hear second hand what went on because they were at a real job---just what was in it for you? 

Well, not much.  The Comey hearing, for someone watching with an only slightly jaundiced eye, revealed the lawyer's dependable tactic of delay.  Queries to Comey from both sides showed how much thought they put into asking questions for which they already knew the answer.  Along with this overt display of legal maneuvering was their posturing in order to best employ face time in front of the clicking photo lens.  Was this not a staged, D.C. theatrical event designed to put off dealing with the people's business?  How come the Senate is just now thinking, maybe, perhaps, but not for sure, about writing a long-needed revision to ObamaCare---an abomination of legislation that costs average Americans huge amounts of increased premiums and lost coverage every month? In a scant four months, the Russian nonsense has been propelled into a mountain of lost taxpayer dollars, lost time, ignored national needs and countless reams of paper no taxpayer will read.  Don't forget how House Speaker Paul Ryan let his troops undertake their usual Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule right before he let them go home for Spring Break even though they had not completed or passed a replacement health care bill in front of a firm legislative deadline.  The fact that this body of self-serving elected officials every year can get away with not passing a federal budget is, IMHO, actionable in a court of lawyers.  How long would this pathetic work ethic last in the private sector?

Along with the lawyer's legal device of delay, on display were carefully crafted questions that led Comey one way or another, depending on the political orientation of the questioner.  How silly to keep going over every minute detail of the Russian thing when a clear "T" graph and topic outline could have cut to the main points of contention.  Did  you catch any questioners looking up at cameras at the most salient times, or looking down at their notes (prepared by staff we pay for) to show displeasure, or shifting their body postures to indicate a pro or con Comey position?

The Comey hearing and this Russian thing are just legal and media machinations designed to delay addressing and implementing President Donald Trump's agenda, which by the way, is the agenda of the voters who put him in the Oval Office.  For all of the wasted time, money and efforts, lawyers acting on behalf of the left-leaning media now successfully have seized much of the public dialogue while ignoring the concerns of millions of Americans.  And those Americans want to see: Obamacare repealed, rewritten and replaced now; Tax reform now; Veterans'care and VA reform now; Border wall funded and built now; Infrastructure shovel ready projects begun and funded now; Air traffic control reformed now; answers to terrorist immigration into our country now and parental choice of schools. When Senator Mitch McConnell said he didn't think anything would be done about Obamacare this year, he gave approval to this desecration of the people's business.

Here are topics which commenters on various, public website message boards want investigated and litigated now: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Use of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund Obamacare; Hillary's E-mail scandals, Pizzagate and/or Pedogate; Hillary and Bill Clinton's Foundation and its pay-to-play federal connections; McCain's Foundation; Corruption in federal government: Illegal immigrants, gang crime and drug wars; Big Pharma writing "scholarly" studies for Big Medicine; How much is the FDA and CDC driven by lobbyist money rather than concern for health and well-being of Americans; the Bill-Loretta tarmac summit; Huma Abedin and her family; how Christianity is being tossed aside and how Americans are being forced to adopt globalist and secular ideologies not of their choosing.

When Vladimir Putin told an interviewer, "I don't even know the guy," meaning President Trump, why not take him at his word and investigate how often the DNC and Hillary campaign officials held conversations with the Russians? It’s a safe bet that electronic voting machines are being messed around with by entities other than the Russians.

Was the real reason for the Comey political drama to provide an excuse to put off doing the people's business?   Yet again, our elected officials and their media drivers used lawyers as hired hands to manipulate an agenda which favors their own interests, not ours.  They provided a play bill of characters who performed for a theatre audience.  If this cast of characters really cared about us, they would listen and do what we want. They would quit manipulating our voting and political system for their own inflated egos and hugely inflated bank accounts.  Unfortunately, the Swamp is still alive and well!


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