Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Fine Analysis of our New President

Hat Tip: Jerry Todd

By Rick Partain

Love it when the Democrats and the far left become more unhinged with every Trump victory. 

Trump's a tough New York construction guy. A builder who knows class and beauty. He also knows crap when he sees it. Especially in people, shifty deals, corruption, bureaucratic red tape, shoddy overpriced work and BSers.

He reads entrenched, turf-building government types and politicians like an open book. Lie to him and you're toast. He's dealt with more foreign governments than any Secretary of State. 

Trumps signed more paychecks, hired and fired more workers and managers on a daily basis than any of the past administration's cabinet members combined.

There is little filtering between what he is thinking and what he says. He gets more done resting than Obama did working. And even when he's playing golf he's still schmoozing someone to make it better for the people. He's a genius at working a crowd. 

Trump does not tolerate those who don't do their job when they said they will do it. This POTUS does not suffer fools.

He's made his billions as a good businessman and could care less about personal gain or accumulating more wealth. He took a hell of a pay cut to be President.

Now he's giving back, looking after the little guy. All of this is counterintuitive to the condescending, liberal progressive elites who think they know what's best for us lesser, deplorable people.

Liberals and their failing socialist, global ideals are worst than communist. They are Americans internally betraying the founding father's precepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And throwing to the dogs free speech and those who have and still are defending, at great personal sacrifice, to protect their right to spew venom. 

Coddling terrorist is an oxymoron. A "safe space" for these appeasers would be Gitmo.

Trump will win out because he plunges ahead undaunted through the fierce headwinds of distractions. Since day one of his running for the office he's been slowly plowing under the opposition.

He's not perfect. Wouldn't respect him as much if he was. 

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