Friday, May 19, 2017

WOW! Deranged SJW with 2 Little Kids Goes Absolutely Berserk After She Sees Confederate Flag on Store Wall (VIDEO)

The following piece was posted on on May 16th.  Strange, isn’t it, that we never seem to find conservatives going berserk at the sight of an LGBT bathroom!  Ed.

Oregon Social Justice Warrior (SJW) goes absolutely berserk when she sees a Confederate Flag on discount store wall.

The woman – with two small children – attacked the store owner and employees for having a Confederate flag on the store wall. 

One employee told her, “You can leave, bitch.”

The unhinged woman then goes out into the parking lot and really loses it.

From about 3:22 on, when the owner is standing a far distance from her across the parking lot, she starts screaming and accusing him of “attacking & assaulting her” – She goes crazy yelling and crying in front of her children.

youtube video link here

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