Sunday, May 7, 2017

Permission Denied: The Deadly Betrayal of SEAL Team 6 by the Obama Regime

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

"Permission to engage denied," Captain Joni Marquez heard over her communications as she piloted her "eye in the sky" gun ship above the old Chinook helicopter carrying SEAL Team 6 and other Special Ops and National Guard soldiers to help American Rangers in the Wardak Province war zone on August 2, 2011. Marquez soon would see her infrared monitor turn from red to blue as she watched the life spill out of one of our doomed warriors, shot down by the enemy.  (Video available at link.) She knew the insurgents she just had seen slinking from this American graveyard hurried back to their enemy outpost to give a go ahead launch of their MAN PADS-RPGs- directly into the Chinook. Circling for 13 minutes over a fire zone, the soldiers trapped in the old, Viet Nam era copter, were given a death sentence by a no fire decision from a commander who obviously was following the then Rules of Engagement (RoE)which hobbled our soldiers and in this case, cost them their lives.  Killed that night were 15 American Special Ops, five US Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Afghan Commandos, their interpreter and a US military working dog and the flight crew.  As Wikileaks puts it, "This is considered the worst loss of American lives in the Afghanistan campaign."  Hard to understand is this edict by Commander in Chief Obama who sent our men into deadly battles yet stopped them from fighting, literally turning them into defenseless pawns for enemy target practice!

As a new Congressional investigation may be in the offing, Captain Marquez is coming forward to recall the horror of that night, a series of images which have led to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms that refuse to go away. "If we would've been allowed to engage that night, we would have taken out the two (insurgents) immediately," she said.   "The ground commander's decision to not allow [the] crew to engage the enemy fighters sealed the fate of the Navy SEALS and others on board the fated Chinook."  Was this a preplanned attack in retaliation for the SEALS raid on Bin Laden?  Why was the Obama administration SEAL Team loaded into such an outdate wings of death copter when safer transportation could have been brought in? What part did the wishes of the Afghan president play in determining what happened on that horrible night?

Cover ups and superficial earlier investigations all make this a growing stain on the Obama legacy.  These incomprehensible Rules of Engagement leave a stain that echoes the cries of our dead from a fate that never should have happened.  These ROEs "gave American troops a death sentence," says Jeffrey Addicott, senior military legal analyst.  He emphasizes two of the worst rules such as "you cannot shoot at (enemy) until they shoot at you first" and you have to see an enemy's weapon before being allowed to fire.  Reporter for Circa, Sara A. Carter details other damning ROEs that CIC Obama hobbled our brave soldiers with.  Their hands were tied from defending themselves with their own weapons hot with the flames of a war they weren't allowed to fight or win.  Our soldiers were flesh and blood target practice in a horrible exercise in futility.  Thankfully, President Trump quickly rescinded these ROE edicts. 

 "I won't rest until some kind of justice is served," says ret.USAF Capt. Joni Marquez.

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