Monday, May 8, 2017

Irate Father Storms School Board, Exposing Sharia Law Agenda As Crowd Becomes Hyped

The following article was published on the website on May 5th.  Click on the link here for the video.

At LAST, someone steps up and actually SAYS what so many of us are thinking.  Ed.

Posted By: Sam Di Gangi 

Whenever anyone speaks, if the name Jesus Christ is mentioned, the left starts zoning out and talking about the misapplied “separation of church and state.” The hatred and bigotry towards the facts of the Bible are even more detested and pushed against if a school system dares to teach the founding beliefs of the country.

Proud father, Christopher Wyrick, recently spoke to a council in San Diego regarding this very issue. He introduces himself as a “taxpayer, a father, a husband, and a very very proud American” who is many things, he says, but “not an infidel.” Radical Islam loves to push the teaching that all why deny the religion is an infidel, but Wyrick will stomach no such talk.

He goes on to show how any mention of “Judaism or Christianity” is shunned from schools and from that standpoint asks, “at what point did you decide that it was OK to teach my children about Islam?” He also says that if “your going to take a stance on any religion in school then that stance needs to be firm all religion.”

While some in the crowd seem surprised by his factual honesty, he continues to say on the video just how the teaching breaks down and exposes the agenda, money spent, and push for Islam acceptance. Wyrick points out that CAIR is showing up with a “pro-Islamic curriculum” and asks, “what’s next? Teaching them about the five pillars or the conversion prayer?” 
Yep. Salt of the earth, those folks at CAIR

They try to silence him after his minute is up, but he says that they will have to drag him out and refuses to stop talking as those attending cheered. “How do groups like CAIR which have ties to terror have the ear of this board?” he demands to know. When they try to silence him again he waves them off and says, “yeah whatever” and bravely keeps going with his already truncated statement.

He proclaims that Islamic “hate speech into our schools in an effort to brainwash the minds of the young.” He then starts rushing in order to finish before authorities arrive to prevent his facts from being heard. He stammers to get in that Muslims have hid their “propagn….political agenda under the veil of religion

Christopher Wyrick and other parents are wise to fear CAIR.

As the police comes he looks at them and says, “Yeah, I get it,” before walking away from the podium and points towards the panel with his folders declaring, “You know what,  people are hypocrites and you should protect your children.” He then exits the speaking area without looking back to the sound of a thunderous applause.

If America had a few more fathers like this man, we would be in  far, far better place as people and as a culture. Godspeed, Mr. Wyrick, Godspeed.

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