Thursday, May 4, 2017

BC prof blames ‘white heterosexual male privilege’ for Trump win

The following article was published on the website and provides the views of Boston College Professor Janet Helms on the Trump election victory. Helms’ picture and BC school bio are provided below.  Ed.

By Kassy Dillon    1/16/2017

 A Boston College professor contends that Donald Trump’s election victory was predetermined by an electoral system designed to perpetuate “white heterosexual male privilege.”

 Prof. Janet Helms clarifies, however, that she does not believe individual racism is to blame, tracing Trump's win instead to institutions put in place for the purpose of perpetuating WHMP, like the Electoral College. 
Professor Helms

“White heterosexual male privilege (WHMP) fought for and won the election of 2016,” professor Janet Helms of BC’s Lynch School of Education argues in an article posted on the school’s website. “White heterosexual men have won a rigged competition whose rules their white forefathers determined and passed on to subsequent generations to maintain and enhance.”

Helms explains heterosexual manhood as “a privileged status that men enjoy because they are born male rather than female,” adding that “the power to control society’s resources and determine the rules for competing for them is considered to be men’s birthright.”

According to Helms, “President-elect Donald Trump is the privileged white male personified” whose “angry promises to ‘Make America Great Again,’ based on scapegoating of his political adversaries and longstanding victims of government policies, made white heterosexual men and the WHMP-benefiting women feel safe again.”

Accordingly, she asserts, various societal institutions threw their support behind the “WHMP revival movement,” including “white evangelical Christians,” whom she accuses of “[setting] aside their moral beliefs in family values, charity, and truth for their share of WHMP, subordination of women.”

Helms also laments the “WHMP protectionism” perpetrated by the media, asserting that “the national media failed in its responsibility to provide the public with equivalent examination of the two candidates, perhaps because the national media is dominated by white men purposefully committed to maintaining WHMP or unable to recognize when they are doing so.”
Nonetheless, Helms concludes that Trump’s victory was not caused by individual racism, but rather by institutions put in place for the purpose of perpetuating WHMP.

“Racism did not cost Clinton the presidency,” she declares. “The Electoral College, founded to protect WHMP, did. Racism is a set of symptoms, but WHMP is the disease.”

Professor Helms’ areas of expertise and interests as listed on the Boston College faculty website:

Integration of race, culture and assessment; Racial identity and health outcomes; Racial and cultural factors in education; Test fairness in educational and occupational testing; Race, culture and trauma; Intersections of multiple identities

In 2012 Professor Helms wrote an article for The Journal of Negro Education, entitled  “Testing and Assessing African Americans:  ‘Unbiased’ Tests are Still Unfair.”

Gee whiz, it would appear that Blacks never get a break. No wonder Eric Holder refused to prosecute fellow Blacks for criminal activity.   Ed.

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