Sunday, April 16, 2017

Will America’s Pedophiles Ever be Brought to Justice?

by Gene Tierney

 "They're murdering and torturing children to death!" says Craig Sawyer, former U.S. Navy SEAL, who is launching his great new website  "Despicable, unspeakable," continues Sawyer.  A poor child, “doesn't have the power to speak for himself…the child can't get away from the pain, torture, or rape!"  Sawyer implores decent, human, moral, Christian Patriots to take up the fight for little kids whose lives are being shattered by the horrors of pedophilia. It is a grotesque and disgraceful practice which is taking place all over the world, in the highest offices of government, in the media, the military and in academia. has published the extremely disturbing case of a retired Army Colonel who was former chief legal counsel for West Point. The man was busted by an undercover police sting when he tried to negotiate sex with an underage girl.

It's horrible," Sawyer tells viewers in the Alex Jones Infowars special video which reveals this huge elephant in the room, roaming on America's political scene.  Why our media refuses to tell the American people about this national tragedy is just hard to fathom.  But good guys in our military and in law enforcement now know they have President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions firmly on board, as over 1,600 individuals have been accused of pedophilia since our Christian President took office two months ago.  
Craig Sawyer

"We're going after the biggest fish possible," declares Sawyer who believes one of his biggest goals to be EXPOSURE.  "Bring it," says the former military specialist as he describes the three big attacks his enemies are using to keep their evil Omerta firmly in place.  These methods include: 1. Discredit funding of  Even though two big internet funding sites quickly shut down his pages attempting to collect money for the vets, Sawyer is undaunted.  "We're ready; we want to expose th[ose doing] harm to children…bring it."  Alex Jones announced he is giving $100,000 to Sawyer, because, "I'm a father." Jones, the father of three children, says he is expecting his fourth child and "nothing is ever in the news" about this horror. The other attack techniques involve courtroom activities, something Jones knows all about thanks to the insidious smear campaigns being lobbed against him and any other internet journalist exposing Pedophiles in America.

Dr. Phil's special program on how his guest "Kendall" was subjected to simply unspeakable crimes throughout her youth by highly placed, wealthy men is hard to watch.  She describes being held prisoner in a cage, suspended from the ceiling. Dr. Phil tells his audience, "This is real."  His one hour, television  feature on rampant pedophilia in the United States was published only after his investigators spent four months verifying the details.

Craig Sawyer, known as Sawman, served as a SEAL Team member who helped capture some of the first enemy POWs in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  He fought in martial arts tournaments in SE Asia and in SCARS-Special Combat Aggressive Reaction System.  His long, distinguished career will provide him with the background he now needs for perhaps his biggest battle yet! He can be reached by calling  520-390-2307 or by going to

About twenty five years ago, one of my female students at the Chicago South Suburban college was absent from class for several days.  When I asked the class if anyone knew where so and so was, her friend popped up to say, "She's a breeder."  I had heard a number of stories from my students over a 30 year teaching career, but never anything like this.  "A breeder" I asked?  The young woman went on to tell the class that the absent student was one of many who had babies for human sacrifice!  She claimed that a house in a south suburban town near the college had "walls spattered with blood;" that Black Masses were regularly held in the forest preserves south of Chicago and that the sale of many of these babies was quite common.  
Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer

Well, this was so outrageous to me at the time that I just could not fathom what this woman was saying.  I thought this was just a student telling a gullible English teacher another wild story and believe me, they could tell some wild ones.  But I even drove around the outskirts of the town trying to find that white house because the student telling us this story just was too specific to manufacture such lurid descriptions.  I could not find the house and now I regret that I did not contact the local police.  (Being teachers, we were not allowed to contact the police directly, as per administrative rules). 

Well, these many years later, I have come to believe this story told to me that sad day in an English classroom. I can still see the student's face framed by sun pouring in the window right behind her.  Will "all Hell Break Loose" if and when the Trump Administration and the Sessions Justice Department begin prosecution of Pedophiles in our nation's capitol?  Will decent Christian Patriots come forward to help Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer and other courageous internet child protector journalists?  Inforwars Producer Alex Jones now is working on how trends in our culture are attempting to normalize such behavior.  Only time will tell if we really will witness Pedophile Hell Breaking Loose on the perpetrators, not on our innocent babies and children.

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