Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trump refused to be railroaded so the far left settled for O’Reilly

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

"Bring Him Down," was the driving force behind the sexual harassment movement against Bill O'Reilly said Lisa Bloom, the woe is me, lady attorney to female members of The View.  While wearing a bright red, short sleeve dress with V cut at the neck to draw an arrow to her cleavage, Attorney Bloom told Whoppie Goldberg, "An important part of our legal strategy (was)…to Bring Him Down." A thigh shot could be seen as she spoke from her vantage point in the audience.  Her client Perquita Burgess told all: "I felt triumphant…very cathartic." Burgess, dressed all in black including an enormous Afro, described to Whoppie that Bill O'Reilly made her feel uncomfortable because he said, "Hey, hot chocolate," when he walked by her desk when she was a temp at FOX way back in '08.  Burgess also said his throat clearing sounds sounded like "grunting, groaning."  Can you believe this? A legal term of art involves attorneys saying something like, "When there's money involved, plaintiffs come out of the woodwork." But Bloom assured The View that money was not their aim here, perhaps because the hot chocolate remark had cooled too much since its utterance way back in 2008.

I go back in my memory to my own experiences travelling to Japan and Athens, Greece, to put some of this “only in America,” sexual harassment silliness into perspective.  I was in the lovely home of my foreign exchange student and her husband, a brilliant young ophthalmologist who laughed as we talked about the Clarence Thomas Congressional hearings.  Remember way back then when Anita Hill was testifying about the pubic-hair-on-the-coke-can?  My host told me that he and his colleagues just thought this entire televised event was hilarious.  "We just laughed; we couldn't believe it," he said.  The Japanese doctors were incredulous because the world's most powerful country was on pause, by the female professor telling the world about being offended.  Why was the left's opposition so hardened against now Justice Thomas?  Because he was a conservative.  He had all of the checkmarks in place, albeit for a supposed non-partisan position.  Clarence Thomas was a Conservative, and that brought the academic shock troops out in force.

Now skip ahead a few years when I was up early watching TV on the small set in my Athens, Greece, hotel room.  I was killing time while I waited for my taxi to drive me to the beautiful new airport during my second visit to that extraordinary city. I flipped on CNN and all I could notice was how professionally dressed the female news readers were; how non-sexual were their presentations of the world's news on that early morning in Athens. No hair flipping, no long hair extensions, no weaves, no sexy attire, but rather a professional appearance complete with blazer in similarity to what her male host was wearing.  I had forgotten about these two examples until all of this O'Reilly mess began.

Let's read what some of the commenters say about these female sexual harassment victims.

"This is such BS. There is another agenda…This ‘I am woman hear me roar’ is getting out of hand," says Cyan Plane.  Green scissors says, "What an utterly ridiculous thing to fire a man over…where is her proof…send her home to her children. women need not be in the workplace…make things, baby sit, no more working around men." (Sarc alert here) And another commenter (TD) says: "I'll bet her black co-workers and friends talk a lot worse about her… She's probably OK with the Hip Hop songs calling women whores…I've worked with a lot of blacks in Post Office, and they talk to women a lot worse or crude than what she describes."   This is just a very small sample of how the message boards are coming down against the FOX cave to the “woe is me” ladies.  Kirsten Powers in all seriousness told CNN's Anderson Cooper about her travails at FOX.  Did she really date Anthony Weiner?

In a very prescient observation on his radio program this week, Glenn Beck said: "We worked closely with Bill on the road.  We never saw him utter a word that was even blue humor.  He was so buttoned up when he was around us, that I find these charges very hard to believe."  The title of the Beck piece was "With Bill O'Reilly Gone, It's the Beginning of the End of Fox News as We Know It."

So what is really going on here? Could we suggest that the Pussy-fication of America's media now firmly is in place? The NY DAILY NEWS is reporting that "Progressive wives of Murdoch sons played a key role in the firing of O'Reilly."  Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch are at least "partially responsible for his humiliating exit," the story continues, noting that Lachlan Murdoch’s wife Sarah is a Progressive, British born, media personality.  Other anecdotal remarks in other links suggest that FOX was out of touch with a younger audience and that the network  needed to be brought up to date with the in-crowd.  Look, when a recent report states that a mind blowing 89% of President Trump's media coverage so far has been negative, just what does that say about a country's media being out of touch?  Pillow talk, thigh flashing and ample cleavage, taking offense from a white man's remarks when far worse lyrics are evidenced every day in America' entertainment arena are strident examples of the fallacy of being harassed sexually.  Females and minorities yet again are letting themselves be used by the Progressive, Democrat change artists in America's culture who need malleable cynosures for their corrosive march toward global socialism!  When Burgess told the simpering VIEW listeners, "I was mortified; I took that as a Plantation remark," she was playing into the hands of masters of the universe.  Yet again, women let themselves be used by the left who pulled out the best legal argument they had to neutralize and remove the only right leaning cable outlet, the now forever changed FOX NEWS. These foolish ladies once again let themselves be used
by the men in their own tent, or rather (excuse the Political Incorrectness) their own limiting Plantation.

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  1. O'Reilly should claim that Murdoch's British born daughter in law was biased and racist because he is an Irish Catholic who went to see the Pope at the Vatican during Easter week. Use their commie bullshit against them.