Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Terrible Damage Created by the Left’s War on Women

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The left’s “inimitable” War on Poverty destroyed the Black family in our country, creating as it did a greater than 70% rate of black children born out of wedlock.  And now, the left’s demonic War on Women has turned females into the new Ugly Americans.  The notion that "anatomy is destiny" is anathema to a left whose culture wars and Woodstock generation began the death march of the American family.  And the Ugly American is our harsh American Woman liberated from herself, from her own soul.

"The barren, over-sexualized, disrespected and stupid propagandized women of the West, slapping God and the Natural Law in the face, while pursuing sexual activity on men's terms, are welcoming their conquerors with Pussy Hats." This is about the most prescient statement I have read about our disgraceful war of the sexes. When women realized they had the freedom to take the life of a little body they agreed to grow in what used to be the safest place in the world, i.e. their own wombs, they set our country on the hopeless and helpless path of today's androgynous hell. The old ad slogan, Better Living Through Chemistry is backfiring as women seek equality but, instead, get promiscuous rejection and disrespect. 

Researchers found that "women using HC (Hormonal Contraception) exhibited more symptoms of borderline personality disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of instability in affect regulation, impulse control, interpersonal relationships and self-image." Today’s preference for short term sexual encounters also was discussed.

How can a woman share her body, even under the blanket of matrimony and then use her children against their father?  "I don't care what color you are, when you divorce her and you have money, she's going to use the kid against you," says Black philosopher Tommy Sotomayor who tells all colors the truth as he sees it.  He was speaking especially to Black men who criticized Bill O'Reilly for telling his audience that Black children need Black fathers.  O'Reilly was bashed by an NFL star who said because O'Reilly's own family was broken, what right did he have to lecture Black men.  Sotomayor dismissed this reasoning as a non sequitur.  He tells black men that O'Reilly's divorce factor does not apply to what is now generational dysfunction in Black families.  Just look at how the Progressives' war on poverty imposed on us by Lyndon Johnson drove Black men out of their homes and deprived young black males of father figures they so desperately need today.  It's the man's fault today whether the charge is sexual harassment, marital breakdown, or workplace inequality. He did it.

Now, even worse is the Liberals' War on Women. No fault divorce and women's rights plus Democrat financial policies in government have forced wives and mothers into the marketplace and their children into daycare warrens.  The government is being made the parent.  Is that sick or what? Women now epitomize just what our culture does not need, namely binary entities that won't nurture, can't love and who are caricatures of authentic women.

The appalling attacks on President Trump during his campaign and now, after his inauguration, may have really completed Obama's fundamental transformation of America. 
Of course Marxists are BIG contributors to prosperity!

What has become of our women whose long, fake nails prevent them from holding their child close to heart, whose fake eyelashes mask botox fillers to attract men who see through their falseness?  Babies cry for a birth they never will know.  Where is the nurturing, the kindness, the here, let me help you, the I'll do without to help our family?  Something is very wrong here.  Something is wrong with our women, our wives. Why would you get married, then exchange the marriage license for a divorce decree and then fail to see the judgment falls on both parties?  Standing up on a stage in front of thousands of people to tell everyone you are a Nasty Women, to me, symbolizes what Women's Rights is doing to our American families. Going on to describe to your national audience the cringing and gory details of your monthly bodily functions, to me, symbolize how Liberals, how Democrats, successfully have used their far left political messages to turn us into things of horror and ugly avoidance. America's families are giving way to this ugliness.

Shrews, nasty women, gold diggers in theatrical make-up now are making us into symbols of the Ugly American Woman we never wanted to become.  Why have we allowed—even encouraged—the left to use their War on Women campaign slogans to claim our souls for their demonic schemes?


  1. It's amazing that more people don't realize the truth of what you wrote. Wake up, America! There's a war on for your mind!