Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Obamas, Cocaine and the Lady Michelle

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

An alleged refusal by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEDI) to allow the FBI's special attaché for international relations to interview former President Barack Obama in French Polynesia is getting internet coverage but virtually no narrative in America's media.  The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Joseph Napier interdicted the fishing vessel "Lady Michelle" in international waters near St. Vincent Island by zapping its electronic navigation system and rendering it "dead in the water."  Four smugglers and contraband including approximately $125 million US dollars in seized cocaine were offloaded into American custody in San Juan, Puerto Rico as DEA and other U.S. authorities piece together what went on.  

This was "one of the biggest drug busts in U.S. history."

New AG Jeff Sessions was said to have given the go ahead for the arrests shortly after he was sworn into the Department of Justice.  A video describing why FBI attempts to interview former President Obama were rebuffed by French officials provides more details about what went on during this huge raid.  French control over the tiny island where Obama was vacationing--about a 20 minute flight from the capital of Tahiti—made interviews impossible due to extradition treaties. The 70’ Lady Michelle was said to have been towed to the port in San Juan, PR.  The vessel is said to be registered in St. Vincent, part of the UK Commonwealth.  Reports from several websites detail how the U.S. Coast Guard interdicted and boarded the Lady Michelle in international waters, where massive amounts of a suspected substance tested positive for cocaine. 

According to the DoJ website, "Columbian Cocaine producers [have increased] the use of levamisole, a harmful cutting agent used for livestock deworming!"  This very dangerous additive is said to enhance the effects of the drug while being very hazardous to humans. "The trafficking and abuse of drugs in the U.S. affect all aspects of our lives," says DEA Agent James Doby.  "Cocaine flow from South America continues to increase." 

A Google search of "France Refuses FBI request" produced a whopping 67,500,000 hits as of 3/27/17. This youtube video  appears to present a straightforward report of the entire incident.  But the narrative goes a bit wobbly when sources attempt to explain Obama's 6,000 mile journey from DC, to NYC, to Omaha, Neb, to Ca, then on to Hawaii and eventually ending up in "The Brando," an exclusive resort in Tahiti.  The official story line being repeated by the MSM claims both Obamas are in seclusion to work on writing their memoirs.  So far, there is not enough consistent information to get to the bottom of this very odd story.

And here is another odd twist. The unnamed American CEO of the huge Argyle International Airport project on St. Vincent quit after only six weeks on the job, citing health reasons for this resignation.    When Garth Saunders, chairman of the Board of Directors of Argyle, gave a radio interview to host Arnhim Eustace, the director said he had no reason to doubt that health reasons prompted the airport head to quit. But Eustace cited controversy and problems with serious cost over runs at Argyle. "He (Eustice) felt the $729 million airport missed a number of completion targets since 2011." The whole project now is mired in serious political conflicts and landing giant international air traffic is facing more delays. Controversy persists and questions remain unanswered.

This perplexing story awaits more details from reticent authorities in at least three countries. But no firm answers are forthcoming just now. Why is virtually no official explanation being given about this huge drug bust, one of the largest, if not the largest, in U.S. history!

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