Friday, April 21, 2017

The Demise of Bill O’Reilly

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer
Another one bites the dust. Yet again the wimps on the soft side of America's political-media industrial complex are caving in to far-left, liberal Democrats.  Fox News is burning Bill O'Reilly at the stake of politically correct womanhood.  The right side of America's political scene yet again stays on defense and caves into the very successful Democrat attack machine which wins with the victimhood meme.  Make no mistake, this is a huge step forward for the Democrats' war on America because O'Reilly's takedown is another victory for the government “rules by radicals” club.

While the father of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, argues against getting rid of O'Reilly, his two sons are pushing the big guy out. But why?  Well, only in America could a woman become a multi-millionairess for arguing that she was harassed because a white male made a remark about her while she was dressed in club going attire, replete with large lung warts, fake nails, fake lashes, come hither looks and body-con dresses fit for a night on the town, not a day on camera.  This week, one of O'Reilly's attorneys said the following: O'Reilly has "been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America." The host's lawyer went on: "he has evidence that the smear campaign is being orchestrated by far-left organizations bent on destroying O'Reilly and Fox News for political and financial reasons."

Do we all understand what’s going on here?  The enormous success of the only non-far left, ostensibly Republican leaning media outlet is being taken down by crotch shots and provocatively dressed females who dressed for a success only they would see from a threatened courtroom verdict. Can you imagine another country that would even allow a docket filing for a female who was offended because a guy allegedly said he'd like to go to a club with her? After all, she already was dressed up in her cutest club going dress, not her pant suit!

President Donald Trump used his businessman smarts to overcome the multiple sexual harassments attacks hurled at him by America's leftist media cabal by going on offense.  It’s interesting that not one of the women who said Mr. Trump harassed her decided to escalate the charges when it became clear that he was not going to cave in!  What other Republican would have survived the Billy Bush brigands? None, because righties just will not fight lefties.  Trump went on offense and he won.  Republicans stay on defense and they lose.  And on the rare occasions they do decide to take a stand, it’s a safe bet their colleagues will betray them in order to make friends with the media!  McCain and Grahamnesty are classic examples.

Anyhow, wins turn into high fives by a well-honed Democrat attack machine.  Look at how the Democrat media machine set out to undermine our new President- First General Flynn; the Sessions' recusal; the silencing of the one WH female conservative, now the Bannon beat down.  Here is a profound theme which Republicans cannot seem to understand: There is NOTHING you can do to make the Democrats like you.  What in God’s name makes you believe that perpetually bending over will change that dynamic??!!

O'Reilly's show drew FOUR million viewers a night and consistently was among the highest rated cable programs."Mr. O'Reilly's exit would be a stunning fall," says the Wall Street Journal's Joe Flint.

By forcing Fox to crucify O'Reilly, the left is forcing its wishes on the only, somewhat Right-leaning media outlet. The media could not convince American voters to elect a thoroughly corrupt woman whose values they (the voters) did not want.  By getting rid of Fox, the Democrats get rid of Republican notions of letting the voters decide, letting the markets decide, letting the parents decide, letting males and females decide how they relate.  All of the conservative themes which the voters clearly have shown they want are going down the tube.  And they include less government is better government and no abortion funding on demand by government. They include letting merit achievement dictate educational policy; stopping entitlement scams; stopping the destruction and emasculation of our military; closing our borders and on and on.  Not much is left.  Look at the headwinds President Trump faces on a daily basis, just to adhere to this nation’s founding principles and Constitution.

Here is what O'Reilly should do: 1. Sue his employer for not defending him against silly attacks; 2. Sue those women to make them prove why they wore fishing gear to a hunting camp; 3. Sue to force discovery of who and what entities are funding these frivolous lawsuits. O’Reilly should walk around in bikini swimsuits in the newsroom and sue women that let their eyes wander all over him.  He should record every comment made about him or other men, especially white men and then write up these remarks in a countersuit for the same amount of money these women are demanding from him and his employer.  He should sue for loss of his income and personal anguish. And if he really wants to go full male sexual harassment, organize a phallic symbol appreciation day in the newsroom. He could facilitate the creation of workshops on how the American male created the most advanced society in world history. 

So why don’t white men go on the offensive and use the left's same tactics against them?  Why?  Maybe it’s because most White Men Really Can’t Jump, or at least not until they are told to by the far left. Then, like the story goes, they just ask how high.


  1. A point you alluded to and the subject of an article in Hollywood Reporter earlier this week is that the Murdoch boys (James in particular) look down on many of the FNC personalities and likely the FNC audience. James wants to make Fox a global brand and one that's "more respectable" in the eyes of his leftist wife and liberal friends.

  2. Well thought out. A condemnation of the traditional Republican circular firing squad and the well-honed hate machine of the Democrat progressive totalitarians.