Saturday, April 29, 2017

North Korea’s Nukes

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

While America’s Christians were celebrating Easter the North Koreans celebrated the “Day of the Sun,” honoring the 105th birthday of Kim Il-sung, the nation’s first communist dictator and “eternal president.”

Thousands of soldiers, military vehicles and an array of fake weapons were marching under the careful inspection of current supreme leader Kim Jong-Un, the grandson of Kim Il-sung. Close examination reveals that Kim’s military force may be better suited for propaganda than actual battle. 

In a blazing display of saber rattling the Hermit Kingdom presented a video of its overrated ballistic missiles that explode on the Launchpad. The video demonstrated Kim’s nuclear ambitions of destroying an American city.

They key questions are whether North Korea does have any nuclear weapons and if so, would Kim have the ability to use those warheads against the United States, South Korea or Japan. Current estimates indicate that it is unlikely that North Korea has any capability to launch a nuclear-tipped, intercontinental ballistic missile.

However, if allowed to continue his preparations for war, Kim may very well have the intercontinental ballistic missile he wants. North Korean lacks the capability of creating its own missiles as it is totally dependent upon the Russians and Chinese for parts. A U.N. panel of experts revealed that debris obtained from a flight-tested missile contained Chinese and Russian components. 

North Korea’s engineers and scientists lack the skill and technology necessary either to build missiles that can launch a nuclear payload or construct warheads that can survive re-entry. But if the Hermit Kingdom is allowed to continue they may very well solve those problems. Should the North Koreans succeed in the manufacture of a working model, they will gladly sell the technology to other third world despots.

The United States along with Chinese leader Xi Jinping are against further testing and development of North Korea’s nuclear weapon’s program. Yet simply calling for further sanctions against North Korea will do little to deter Kim’s ambition. However, sanctions that actually cut off supplies of missile and nuclear goods from places such as China, Russia and Pakistan would indeed impact further development. And it’s certain that neither Russia nor China would be comfortable with nuclear weapons under Kim Jong-Un’s control. 
Kim Jong-Un

If North Korea’s Kim becomes desperate he may use any nuclear warheads in his possession and place them on Nodong (or Rodong-1) medium-range missiles to attack South Korea, Japan and any American or allied ships near Korean shores. It would be a war that no one wants.

If the Chinese cannot halt North Korea’s nuclear ambitions the United States may have to go it alone and destroy the nation’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles sites. Even so, this will only set-back Kim’s nuclear program. And if North Korea gets the message that China or Russia will not come to its aid in a show down with the United States they may very well consider finding a new leader.

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