Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Isis fighters killed by wild boar as they hid waiting in ambush

The following good news story was published in the Sunday Times, UK

Hat Tip to Jerry Todd

A herd of wild boar mauled three Islamic State militants to death and injured five others in Iraq while the extremists were setting up an ambush, locals claimed.

The men were said to have taken cover in a bed of reeds near fields in the Hamrin mountains, about 55 miles southwest of Kirkuk. They were planning an attack on tribesmen who had formed anti-Isis brigades and had fled to the mountains when the jihadists seized the nearby town of Hawija in mid-2014.  

Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and supervisor of the anti-Isis forces, told The Times that at least eight fighters had hidden in dense reeds.“It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields,” he said. “The area is dense with reeds, which are good for hiding in.”

He said the incident had happened on Sunday shortly after the militants had put 25 people to death in Hawija. Security sources said that the killings had been ordered after several residents had tried to flee the town.

Hawija, home to more than 150,000 largely Sunni Arabs, is located east of the road from Baghdad to Mosul. It is one of only three strongholds over which Isis has complete control in Iraq, alongside Qaim and Tal Afar.

In Mosul, fighters posing as liberating security forces killed at least 15 civilians who had welcomed them in the Old Town yesterday, local officials said.

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