Sunday, April 2, 2017

Governor Brown's zero sum mentality

The following brief letter was addressed by California resident Jerry Todd to State Assemblyman Vince Fong. The content is self-explanatory, just like the mindless, liberal lunacy embraced by Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

Vince Fong

California State Assembly District 34

Dear Vince,

"In his veto message of a series of tax-reduction bills last September, Gov. Jerry Brown explained that “tax breaks are the same as new spending – they both cost the general fund money.” He said such measures should be on the table during budget negotiations, “so that all spending proposals are weighed against each other at the same time.”  

Among the bills that were vetoed at that time were two that would have repealed sales taxes on diapers and tampons.* 

When an elected official is so stupid as to remark  “tax breaks are the same as new spending – they both cost the general fund money" - shows he has a "zero sum" mentality. The facts are every dollar available to spend in a community circulates up to 9 times from one spender to another. The only thing that cuts the circulation is taxes and interest rates. The child doesn't even deserve a salary, much less a position of power over the lives of others.  
Wake up California! Your Governor, who apparently hates women and children, is washing out along with the Delta smelt.

Gerald V. Todd

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