Tuesday, April 18, 2017

FOX News Anchor Suggests Muslims Quit Burning People Alive in order to Stop Negative Portrayals

This story was published on April 17th by the Independent Journal Review.

Fox News co-anchor Jon Scott offered an “explosive” suggestion to the “Muslim community” on Sunday's “Fox & Friends” in response to comments made by veteran actor Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson on Showtime's “Homeland.”

During a Friday segment on MSNBC's “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd asked Patinkin what role the actor could play to “deescalate the fear,” in response to criticism that “Homeland” portrays Muslims in a negative light.

Patinkin suggested that Muslims have simply replaced traditional “bad guys” in the eyes of many Americans.

“In movies, it was cowboys and Indians, and the Nazis and communists. Now they've chosen the Muslim community — a community that's made contributions to the world of a monumental nature.”

So who are the real bad guys, as Patinkin sees it?

“Particularly in season six, we have tried to be part of the cure, not part of the problem [...]

A different storyline where we’re helping these people and a storyline that shows in this case, in this year, in this season, that maybe it’s the ... it is the ... white men in government and the military establishment that are the bad guys, not the Muslim community.”

After a clip of Patinkin's comments was played, Scott referenced Monday's running of the Boston Marathon, as an allusion to the 2013 bombing, before offering the Muslim community a suggestion on how to avoid being portrayed negatively.

"They're gonna run the Boston Marathon tomorrow, right? Do we remember who the bombers of the Boston Marathon were?

Just an aside to the Muslim community — if you don't want to be portrayed in a negative light, maybe don't burn people alive and set off bombs and things like that."

Perhaps in an effort to limit potential fallout from Scott's comments, co-host Pete Hegseth quickly jumped in and with “Yeah, and point out the radicalism and say, 'Hey that's not me,'” before taking a shot at Patinkin and Hollywood.

“You don't have to do it by being politically correct and saying, 'Oh, it's the white guys that are wrong, too.'” “Hollywood at it again, as always — and then exposing themselves,” he added, as the segment ended.

Huffington Post and other left-leaning sites quickly picked up on Scott's comments. From the Huffington Post came: “Fox News host lectures Muslims: ‘Don't burn people alive and set off bombs'.”

If the history of fallout over controversial comments from the media is any indicator, we've most likely have not heard the last about Fox's Jon Scott's comments.

Haven’t heard the last is right! The left can’t allow the truth to get out on national television.  The uncontrolled presentation of facts is dangerous. Why, viewers might start demanding accuracy from talking heads; or even the debut of legitimate news stories.  Where the Hell would CNN or MSNBC be then? After all, how could the media elect the next Barack if they have to tell the truth about him!   

So Jon Scott is probably finished at FOX. Either that, or he’ll be required to sign an agreement promising never to tell the truth again. You know, like the people at NBC.  Ed.

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