Sunday, April 9, 2017

Barack Obama’s Transgender Nanny

by Gene Tierney

Former President Barack Hussein Obama's former tranny nanny talks about how hard it has been for him/her and other transgender males to live in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country.  She goes on to describe the pride she felt upon learning that the little child she cared for many years earlier had grown up to become America's President!  Even though her official name is Turdi--that of a male--Evie picked her female sounding name "because it sounded sweet," according to a lengthy article by the online news aggregator, The Blaze.  Evie says her father beat her because he did not want to have a "sissy" for a son.  Lifelong discrimination followed her after she left her family home.  She describes horrific treatment by the Indonesian dictatorship that the new Lolo Soetoro family lived under as well. 
Evie in Indonesia

Neighbors verify that Turdi/Evie was Obama's nanny for about two years in the Menteng neighborhood of Jakarta where the future president lived with his Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro, who asked Evie to care of her child after her marriage to Lolo Soetoro.  The mother and son had arrived in the Muslim country two years earlier.  Evie learned to cook delicious meals when she went on her own and Dunham-Obama-Soetoro is said to have raved over the beef and rice entrée.  One thing led to another and Evie agreed to care for the young Barry when his mother asked her to be his nanny.

Now Evie, who can be seen wearing a T-shirt with the emblem TAGATAY, the name of a far away beach, appears to be alone and sad. "I don't have a future anymore," she is quoted as saying in the Blaze feature video.  She can be seen in a 2015 video that bears the AP logo doing laundry in her very small living quarters in a Jakarta slum area.  She needs to earn a living and apparently receives no other income.  The beautiful young people sitting around her are said to be not females. 

The significant collection of articles and videos on Obama's tranny nanny detail the hardships that a transgender person encounters in Indonesia.  Evie remembers with great sadness how she felt when she and other friends scattered from the security guards of Gen. Suharto in what were called banshee or warias raids.  Her life changed dramatically in 1985 when, according to Blaze, soldiers swinging batons forced her and friends into alleys and fields, "where they were kicked, hit and abused."  They found one pretty friend dead.  And now she says that even she is just waiting to die; religion is her only solace  and she prays five times a day at her local mosque.

Even though the Obama White House did not comment on the tranny nanny video that came out during the first Black President's tenure, the memories of his experiences with Evie could have prompted him to pass legislation helpful to those trying to relate to their own gender identity issues in America.

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