Friday, March 3, 2017

Why won’t Dan Rather just quietly disappear?

By Doug Book

Many of us remember the “Fake but Accurate” assertion made by Dan Rather in response to the millions of Americans who questioned the CBS claim that George Bush had run away from his duty to serve in Vietnam. In this October Surprise of 2004, it didn’t matter to Rather that the documents he put forward to accuse the president of cowardice were proven to be fraudulent. For according to the CBS talking head, it was simply a fact that George Bush had shirked his responsibility to serve, evidence to the contrary be damned.  The claim, Rather argued, was accurate, even though the documentation which “supported” it was fake. 

Last week, a claim was posted on facebook which states that:  

13,506 Marines applied for White House Detail last week. None applied over the last 8 years, they had to be assigned!....Go figure

According to Snopes, the assertion presented in this story is “unproven.” The “fact-checking” website itself leaves no doubt that it is very skeptical of the claims’ veracity.

But unlike that of Dan Rather, this claim appears quite believable. Few doubt that most Marines would wish to avoid service in the White House of Barack Hussein.  And at least as many believe that thousands would apply for duty at the White House of a president whose appearance was 8 years overdue.

Dan Rather was willing to make himself look ridiculous by claiming that the Bush story was true, even if all of the supporting evidence had been proven phony. He lost his job and any modicum of credibility that remained to him after decades of advancing agenda over truth. Incredibly, it was later discovered that CBS employee Mary Mapes was in possession of information which proved that Bush had indeed applied for service in Vietnam but was turned down because of his relative inexperience as a pilot. The entire Rather tale was a ploy designed to put John Kerry in the White House. And employees of CBS News knew it all along.

Fake, but certainly not Accurate.

We’re left with a few simple lessons:

1) Good behavior is easy to believe of good people

2) A United States Marine will gladly work for a patriot, but not for a traitor

3) After Donald Trump had been in the White House for only 48 hours, Dan Rather wrote: “Facts and the truth are not partisan."  "They are the bedrock of our democracy. And you are either with them, with us, with our Constitution, our history and the future of our nation, or you are against it. Everyone must answer that question.”  Rather, it seems, had found fault with Trump, his advisor, Kellyanne Conway and his press secretary, Sean Spicer.  

Consider the chutzpah of a proven liar and hyper-partisan hack as he shamelessly accuses others of having an axe to grind and of being dishonest! The lesson: Dan Rather is still an asshole.

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