Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump: a Super-Hi IQ Behind Unwavering Loyalty to Voters

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

President Trump "has a staggering IQ of 163, making him the second smartest president in history, behind John Quincy Adams at 169," says the latest issue of THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. 
The magazine is providing Americans with details about our new leader even as the outdated MSM denigrates him with every newscast.  A special investigation and analysis of President Trump says he is a highly focused, driven and charismatic genius who thinks outside the box! Keep in mind that his detractors also denigrate the millions of Americans who voted for him and who are turning off their cable boxes. Trump's flashes of insight give him the ability to play 3-D chess with opponents who still are trying to figure out the next checker move.   

The tabloid investigators consulted with 13 top behavioral specialists and psychotherapists to help shape our new leader's profile, similar to methods used by the CIA to construct its dossiers on foreign leaders.  Pointing to Mr. Trump's incisor like mental abilities, the writers of this amazing report say his strength rests in an ability to "produce viable creative alternatives to failed conventional wisdom." So what is being emphasized here is that we’ve elected the perfect man for this troubled time in our Constitutional Republic which is being attacked from all quarters by global liberalists seeking to grab America from her people.  "His personality profile makes him nearly perfect for the job!" The angst which the same old/same old D.C. players hurl at the Oval Office is actually a reflection of the establishment's ingrained, fossilized approach to today's never before seen problems and challenges. 

One Free Republic thread commenter said this week, "a lesser person would have long [ago] folded under the pressure being exerted by the swamp dwelling scum and septic MSM. The interview which Alex Jones did with former senior regional CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson reveals the notion that a coordinated and very organized effort is afoot to take out and defeat Donald Trump, "even after his election." Johnson says, "according to [my] sources, the Obama administration worked with NSA, CIA, and Britain's GCHQ to disseminate information about Donald Trump that was illegally obtained via surveillance before the election!"  Trump is the object of an organized plan to force him into making mistakes or taking actions that would force him out of office.  Johnson used the word SEDITION to describe what the opposition is doing!  Interestingly, the media's collective memory fail was exposed by Mark Levin's masterful video in which he held up printed copies of 8 examples of coverage showing President Trump and his surrogates being 'wiretapped.'  On the very day the nation’s Deplorables were so overjoyed, the NYTIMES carried, front page, above the fold on 1-20-2017, a story detailing how Trump surrogates were being intercepted. Scott Pelley still is denigrating the president. And remember, the head of CBS, David Rhodes, is the brother of top Obama advisor Ben Rhodes!  Johnson says what is being done to the President is terrible.  "It's a huge deal."  In the interview, the former CIA analyst makes it quite clear that "Obama gave the green light."

On another FR thread, a retired detective was quoted as saying; "The problem the democrats have is they are in a trick sell out; it's panic time.  As a retired detective this issue is really simple to me; the error in the judgment was assuming the leaks would guarantee a Hillary Clinton win, and they can cover up the lie or lies." But Oops. Trump won. So now it’s rewrite time. WikiLeaks published highly classified documents showing NSA surveilled Angela Merkel & Ban Ki Moon; UNHCR Director for Refugees-long term intercept; WTO's Johann Human; French, Austrian, and Belgium phones; a highly private meeting with France's Sarkozy, Germany's Merkel, and Italy's Berlusconi who was told the Italian banking system was ready to "pop like a cork." CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson and Fox News' James Rosen and his family were tapped. When Michelle Obama bragged, "We've got the media," she really meant it.  These so-called First Amendment protectors of our liberty are protecting what liberty they want us to have-namely their bias. Watch them shift their dialogue to how the CIA is listening to us through our TVs as they figure out how to trope the taps.

But in the final analysis, the people have President Trump's back as his poll numbers continue to show.  Steve Bannon reportedly told an interviewer that every day his boss sets their tone by telling them, "I'm doing what I promised I would do in the campaign." One commenter asks just how stupid does the media think we are; "they're falling into their own trap," says another. In the face of insurmountable odds that a lesser man never could withstand, President Donald Trump continues to vanquish his opponents. "I love the man," says a FReeper. And as long as Trump keeps his word to the people who put him in office, that view will not diminish among the American public. What a delightful way to drive the left crazy.

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