Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Globalist Left Hopes to Destroy the Catholic Church

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Glitter ash was smeared on foreheads of LGBT supporters this Ash Wednesday to show support for their lifestyle in conflict with traditional Catholic teachings of denial of the self in wait for the coming Resurrection of Our Lord on Easter. WikiLeaks are revealing a concerted effort to infiltrate and significantly change the direction of the Church by NWO globalists seeking a Catholic Spring.  According to one reported quote, "There needs to be a Catholic Spring in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a Middle Ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and gender equality."   In short, no aspect of our lives is to remain free from the dangerous meddling of corrupt idealists. However, the Executive Order of former President Obama requiring bathroom “freedom” for transgender identity people may have reached just too far for average Americans who do not want their children sharing private facilities with grown men!

What is upsetting Michael Matt, Editor of the Remnant Newspaper, is the appearance of 60's population control guru Dr. Paul Ehrlich who spoke recently at Pope Francis's Biological Extinction symposium. "Who is Pope Francis and what is he doing to the Catholic Church?" asks Matt who fears our present Pope and radical leftists are veering our true Church away from its origins. Pray the Faith, not the Man, urges Matt.  His video on youtube entitled "Pope Soros and the Novus Ordo Seclorum" explores the dangers of NWO advocates invading the Church. These radical progressives will simply leave no aspect of our lives alone, even America's Western Christianity.

"We cannot accept Liberalism," says John Salsa in his speech at the conference of the Army of Fatima held in Chicago last year.  "The Church of today is our Suffering Church; do not leave Her," pleads Salsa.  He discusses the loss of faith by the average church goers; Protestantism is also in the throes of passing through these assaults on faithful teachings. "Today's church is being hidden and disfigured from the faithful," Salsa says.  The mystical passion of Our Lord is "infiltrated by Liberals and Modernists who have disfigured our Church." He wants true reform, not the grotesque change swept over us by godless globalists who see the state, not God, as the presence which warrants the citizens' devotion.  He discusses Fatima's third secret which he says has been suppressed.  Current havoc roiling the Church parallels the Fall of Lucifer, the Fall of Adam, and the Rejection of Christ.  Clearly, Pope Francis's recent attacks on the dangers of Populism are thinly veiled attacks on President Trump who is doing what he promised us he would do in his campaign, namely put the people, not the godless state, in charge of our lives. Criticizing the stance on uncontrolled migration which Francis wove into a very strange pronouncement on Fake News and the eating of excrement is very disturbing.

One commenter after the Michael Matt video says, "World Socialists…have gone completely bonkers since Trump was unexpectedly elected. Madam Hillary was going to be the one to finish off the USA which is the last bulwark against them."  Another commenter asks "how much has Liberation Theology influenced this man (Pope Francis)?"  The Catholic League's Bill Donohue is even admitting to the Soros sponsored attempts to change the Church.  Matt is profoundly shaken by the fact that for the first time in 600 years the Church has two living Popes.  Even after 10,000 people signed a petition asking that the Paul Ehrilich speech be stopped, the event went forward.  This NWO movement into our Faith is causing great havoc and WikiLeaks did us enormous service by exposing yet another secret of the globalist cabal.

 Recently I treated myself to a performance of Shen Yun, 2017, held in Gainsville.  In explanation, their brochure discusses the Lost Treasure of "authentic Chinese culture that Shen Yun presents. Sadly, this culture has been almost completely destroyed in China under communist rule."  The mission statement of Shen Yun continues by explaining that ancient China's civilization was deeply spiritual and based on the idea of harmony among Heaven, Earth, and humankind. "But the Chinese Communist Party's doctrine teaches just the opposite; officially atheist, it sees this spiritual culture as a threat to its power." Shen Yun artists are reversing the atheism of their great Asian culture to display to the world how art can cultivate virtue.  Falun Gong is warning us here in the West how an ancient civilization very nearly lost its spirituality.  Min Jiang, soprano, sings in beautiful Bel Canto: "A dream came to me, so vivid and real…the Creator came to renew all things...In these troubled times, the divine observes and tries us. Our souls are measured by the side we take: good or evil." Are we here in America to suffer a fate of an ancient civilization that nearly succumbed to adoration of the State over God? Or will we stand firm against the gods of globalism that see themselves as rulers that own us?

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